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Don't try to overtake on the outside of a roundabout when going right. You were in the correct position for going straight ahead, which is where I thought you were going to go, but when you didn't turn for the exit you were surprised that I cut you off. If you were wondering why I wasn't indicating, it was because your antics forced me to cover my brakes. Go and read Rules 185 and 186 in the highway code.

I doubt this cow in a green BMW 3 series is going to read this, but I thought I might get this off my chest. Coming up to this roundabout here I indicate right and cross the lane to take my position to indicate I am going to take the 3rd exit, this BMW comes up behind me and takes a position beside me. To me this indicated that she was going to go straight on. The traffic cleared and we both set off, when I got to here I was expecting her to start turning off, but instead she starts cutting towards me. Realising what was going on I assertively used my position to force her back behind me and get her to wait till we had exited the roundabout to overtake.

I can't really think of anything I could of done to prevent it from happening, my positioning was good and I was able to use it to control the out of position driver, if things went wrong I had a couple of escape routes up my sleeve.
Yeah there seems a lot of that wrong lane positioning which just makes the job harder of predicting what motorist will do next.
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