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I am currently working in a bank, meaning I have to wear a shirt and trousers to work each day (other than Friday, we get a dress down on Fridays). But as I am sure most of you are aware that shirts because extremely creased very easily. If I wear them while riding then they will become sweaty and horrible. If I put them in my bag they will become creased and will look very unprofessional.

My ride is only about 3 miles and to work it's all down hill. But I still sweat. There are shower facilities at my work but I don't sweat enough to have to use them. Coming home is a different story.

So I was wondering what you guys do with work shirts? I guess I could find a place to keep them at work, but then there is an issue of getting them there in the first place.


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I fold my shirts, in the pannier they go tucked between lunchbox and rigid pannier back. No probs.


Wear work stuff every day, shirt untooked and you dont sweat that much. I work with people that drive that smell worse anyway:tongue:


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On the odd occasion that I go out straight from work, I just roll my clothes in to a cylindrical shape, socks in the middle, then shirt, then trousers. Then place in a carrier bag, wrap the bag tightly, and place in pannier. No creases whatsoever.
google for shirt shuttle.

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I got given one for Christmas. Its crap. Big, bulky and it doesn't stop the creases. You can have it if you want as I don't use it.

As for the OP, since its only 3 miles and downhill, wear you work clothes but just cycle more slowly so you don't sweat


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I take my work shirt in my rucksack. It works well. Remember, sweat doesn't stink; it's the waste from the bacteria that feed on it, i believe.
Surely if it's downhill to work, you could pedal very casually and minimise sweat.


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leave my work gear at work and get a laundry company to collect once a week so they can starch and press,put clean pants and socks in a plastic bag,daily,put in rear pocket of jersey,business pays for it ,works well for me


I've struggled with this a bit as well and there aren't any definite answers - but some things that do help.My previous job was 2 miles uphill. I wore my work trousers and a t-shirt. Shirt was carried in a backpack rolled up as others have said. When I got to work I waited 10 minutes or so for the sweating to stop then had a wash and put on my shirt. Most of my sweating seems to come from my head and top end!

I'm now only slightly over a mile from work with a flatter route and I tend to cycle in my shirt sleeves, trying not to push it. Rain is a pain though, as I still sweat with a jacket on- so much so that I've occasionally resorted to walking with an umbrella rather than cycling.

In your situation with good facilities I would consider going for a training ride before work and then showering and changing at work. Not necessarily every day, but its a good way to start the day fresh and envigorated.


I'm in shirt trousers all day, with no place to wash etc. I tend to sweat more on the train in/out of Paddington than I do on the bike in Central London. I keep a steady pace and free wheel where ever possible. A mile from customers destination I either stop for 5 mins or literally go at a snails place, so any sweat dries.
A quick blast of deodorant whilst locking up the bike and I'm ready to go. Luckily most of my work is in cold computer rooms, so I don't smell etc.
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