Work/Other Christmas Doo's - The madness starts

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Blimey, I think folk have gone crazy this year. I've got a really busy two week run up to Christmas - usually I'll just go for one meal with some colleagues/ex colleagues...

Meal with Managers on 9th, 10th is lunch/afternoon with Family at the Christmas markets, 11th is a concert (Madness) and overnight stay in Manchester, 12th drinky poos at a secret cocktail bar.

14th Lunch with colleagues, 15th finance Xmas Party, 16th lunch with ex. colleagues, 20th Christmas Ghost Tour in Manchester, 21st Drinks with colleagues after work.

I'm not sure I'll survive this lot :wacko:. I have decided to 'finish' work from the 16th and take just over two weeks off.


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We have two coming up soon, I won't be attending either as I'm anti-social :reading:

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We're not going inside pubs or restaurants at the moment so have vetoed any invites.

No one's allowed at our place Xmas to NY as we hate being slaves to eg the kids.

Just the two of us - blooming lovely.
You and @potsy sound like my kind of people!^_^

We are not doing anything indoors that's crowded, and it will be the two of us and lovely grown-up son at home. Perfect!
Absolutely no chance of attending any!!!

Where I worked '86 - '97, all was paid for, transport/meal/vouchers for drinks/etc....
All you had to do was get to the Lab, & pick-up point
I never attended any of them, just gave my vouchers to one of the few people I got on with

'97 - present day, again, not a single event, a couple of weddings (just ceremony) & a few funerals

There's a reasonable percentage of staff, that I wouldn't cross the road to talk to
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Has Covid gone away then for Xmas ?


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South Manchester
Has Covid gone away then for Xmas ?

Nope, and I'll be careful. The concert, we've got standing and we usually stand near the sound kit, as everyone surges forward it leaves loads of space (and everyone has to show a covid pass) - works for every concert. The Family get together is 'outside' under cover.


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SWMBO has her work's first Christmas do tonight, followed by 3 or 4 others as she does several roles across the hospital trust including on the Covid wards. They're all NHS staff and tested 3-4 times a week but still ... ! I do have some sympathy given what she's been through in almost 2 years.

Me? Nope. I won't be going to my work one (if it happens) or my bike club one as that's during a work day. I'm still having to be cautious due to being high risk.


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I gave up work-dos before I actually finished work.

At the last one I went to on site, I wandered round the building and encountered a group of drunken women trying to see if it was possible to tear off a drunken man's boxer shorts without undoing his jeans first. As an abstract exercise, it would be quite an interesting one, but in real life I worked with those people and spent the next year wondering if they even remembered what they had got up to!

The last work do I attended at a pub... I was chatting to a colleague and he then went off for a pee. He returned about 20 minutes later. I remarked that he has been gone an awfully long time. "Oh, yeah, I found [another colleague] in there. He'd had too much to drink and had blacked out in the bog. He was lying unconscious on the floor, covered in crap and puke, so I have just been cleaning him up!" Good on you for being so kind, but...xx(

After that, my reaction was... PASS! :laugh:
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