Worst day of their lives? Poor dears.


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Just been watching Sky News and feel a need to vent at the spoilt farkwits who were interviewed at some airport in the Alps. They had arrived by air for a skiing holiday but were unable to get to their resort as roads were blocked by snow.
The poor things got no sleep last night, and there was no hot water. This was "the worst day of our lives", apparently. Well aren't you the lucky ones then. You weren't exactly sat in the Doctors surgery being told it was terminal, were you? And at least your flight arrived safely, unlike those on the missing Air Asia plane.

Never has the phrase MTFU felt more appropriate. Nobbers.


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Couldn't agree more. Part of the 'Entitled' generation who believe the world has to fit their inner reality.

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I've just found out that the pear i was saving for my fruit and veg smoothie is bruised and soggy. I'm totally devastated!:sad: Is there a help line i can call for some counselling?
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I went skiing in 2007 and the flight out of Stansted was cancelled, along with flights out of Gatwick, Heathrow et al. Far from being the worst day of my life, I just buckled down, kicked my adventurous spirit into gear, and made my way to the Alps via train/tube/Eurostar/train/hire car. I got there by midnight the same day, only 8 hours 'late'. At lunch on the slopes the next day I almost choked on my apfelstrudel laughing at people on the news 'stranded' in the UK having the 'Worst day of their lives'
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