Worth the upgrade? (Sleeping bag)


Hi all,

I currently have a Vango Fuse -6 sleeping bag, which is part down part synthetic. I've taken it on five week long cycling tours since 2017 in the UK. I see I can get a Mountain Equipment Firelite for £280. Is it worth the upgrade? One thing I've noticed with the Fuse is it doesn't entirely agree with my habit of rolling a few times between sides before I get to sleep. Do you think getting the Firelite would be a marked improvement in comfort? This is to go with a Neoair Xlite air bed I've had for the past 2 or 3 tours I think.

Thanks :smile:
Ok, I had a look at what I could find for both. According to ME the Firelite is £420?

The Vango is sold as specifically "close fitting" so that may be your issue right there. I couldn't find specs to compare it to the Firelite (75 cm shoulder width, 50 cm foot width). Perhaps measure yours to compare?

The best thing is to try one out, but presumably that's not an option in these Covid times.
Perhaps an online retailer with free returns (check & double-check) might be a solution?

The Firelite is lighter with a marginally better lower temperature level.

Check the price!^_^


Thanks @HobbesOnTour - pretty sure about the price! ^_^ Here's the link, and then there's a further 10% off with a code. Didn't post initially as I'd rather there wasn't a CycleChat powered rush on it! Looks like they do have a return policy (as you would expect), but it's not free.
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