Wow what a hateful individual

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Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
So I'm a "gentle and unassuming road snail" ... :whistle:

And yes, much of what he writes appears to be hateful drivel. Best left in the gutter, which is where his attitudes appear to be. However, he doesn't appear to have written much in the paper recently according to his Twitter/X link, so maybe he's just a frustrated journalist turning to hatred in order to get something published?


I came upon an incident tonight when one of those road snails was hit by a car that was still determined to overtake him in a 30mph zone despite oncoming traffic. He hit both the car and the cyclist, on an evening where they were debating why the funding the local council secured in 2016 to build a cycle path there would now unlikely be released until 2030. I hope Jackie Bailey was able to explain all that to the cyclist before the ambulance guys scooped him up.

Oh, and as for never have been journalists, we probably shouldn't even give them house room.


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We are in an age where it appears that if you do not write outlandish comments or express contrevertal views, you do not get noticed. So the more the whacky, the better.

It seems to make no difference to the writer that they come across as a total twat. As in their minds it makes them come across quirky and intelligent and not just a total twat.

Those born in the 50s, like me. We know the truth 😁

Is the author of the article, not committing hate crime.


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I cant see how any media source would dare let such hate speech even see the light of day ,it is unbelievable that such hate speech is even allowed given todays ( rightly so in many cases) polictically correct society .


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I think the circulation of the Herald, previously Glasgow Herald, is going down so they have to try anything to boost sales. Never buy the rag myself nowadays.
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