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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Magic, 10 Aug 2012.

  1. Magic

    Magic New Member

    Hi all, my names magic, 24 originally from Leeds but escaped over to the seaside town of withernsea near hull, I grew up riding.... braking bikes but I focused on downhill, racing for a sub group of orange and then a tester for Kona until I broke my hand, got metal inserted and then had a kid and have only just got back on a bike maybe 4 years on!! My reason for jumping back on a bike has nothing to do with the Olympics but my boy is soon to be at an age where I can influence his interests and I'd like to be fit enough to get him into biking, I do have one goal, more of a sadistic dream and that is to ride around the UK coastal, every possible road closest to the sea, I don't want to stop off places and take in the experiences etc, I just want to set off and ride and ride and ride, all the way around, solo, I'm not sure yet if this has been done or anything similar other than top to bottom but it's something I will do and for charity.

    I am so out of touch, forgot a lot, it's mad I used to strip bikes down to each part and clean and rebuild and now I can't change an innertube!! But one thing I haven't forgot is how to ride a bike, I've just got a hardtail carrera that I took as payment in a job I did and it seems a decent bike to get me going, would be interested in meeting people on here, I will be on here lots, doing progress threads, asking questions, tips hints etc so if anybody wants to chat then please feel free :smile:

    Think I've go on enough now!!
  2. deptfordmarmoset

    deptfordmarmoset Full time tea drinker

    Armonmy Way
    Are you sure your name's not Mavic?

  3. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

  4. MrJamie

    MrJamie Oaf on a Bike

    Welcome :cheers:
  5. Welcome from another newb, you aint that far from me, if you need a partner for a ride out somewher I dont mind a drive over and spinning my legs a bit, but I dont do the dirt stuff anymore so it would have to be road me old mucka..........yep I am a yorkshireman born n bred but living in Scunny:hello:

    RAYMOND Well-Known Member

    Welcome fellow yorkshireman
  7. OP

    Magic New Member

    Wow replies!! Any other forum be it cars, cage fighting or even those dodgy "free sex in your area" I never get a reply! I feel welcomed so thanks all, hope to meet some of you if not all at some point...
    Dangermouse I'm sure something can be arranged, I don't mind a drive either however on road I'm pathetic at the moment, I'm more of a trail guy, long distance, just set off and keep going slow, endurance without the fitness however from Monday I do hope to change all that. I'm sure many will laugh but when I'm not out on the bike I've got an indoor bike.... odd??

    Many thanks again for the great welcome!!

    P.s I was only kidding about those sex sites...

    I get lots of replies!!!

    Telling me to fu6k off!!!! ;)
  8. East Riding Lad

    East Riding Lad Active Member

    Hi Magic. I'm the opposite to you, I grew up in Withernsea but moved away as soon as I was old enough. I'm now only about 15 miles away though in Preston. I often ride through though and still go back for the dentist. :smile:
  9. Berties

    Berties Fast and careful!

    welcome along to cyclechat:thumbsup:
  10. OP

    Magic New Member

    East riding lad I'm sure our paths will cross sooner rather than later I know Preston rather well as I work in blackies for a few months!! I do also own a hair and beauty salon with my "better" half in withernsea so anytime you are coming through... haha I never stop promoting ;) are you a roadie or a dirty rocky by the looks of it on here I need to become a roadie :sad:
  11. Soltydog

    Soltydog Guru

    near Hornsea
    Hi & welcome to the forum. I'm just up the road near Hornsea & used to live just up the road from you in Bradford ^_^ but moved over here about 8 years ago.
    Not sure if a coastal ride has been done before, but there was a guy a couple of years back cycled to every light house in the UK, so I'm guessing he covered most of the coastal routes. I cycled from home to Spurn with him on his way past here. There was a website for it, but I can for the life in me remember it :blush:
  12. Fubar

    Fubar Guru

    Hi Magic, welcome to the Forum. As it happens I read a book on holiday about a guy who did just that: http://www.guardianbookshop.co.uk/BerteShopWeb/viewProduct.do?ISBN=9780091940553

    It took him 5 months! There was a lot of decision-making on the route as to the best road to take, and he met a couple of guys doing the same thing in the opposite direction. It's a really good read, unlike some of the LEJOG "diaries" I have read "did 90 miles today, hills are hards, ate 10 mars bars, really tired so going to bed....". The guy is a freelance journo so I suppose he knows how to write.
  13. OP

    Magic New Member

    Hi soltydog, your an extra person who shall be receive an invite on our days out round here if your up for it?? Glad to have some more "wezzy" power about ;) I shall look non stop until I find information on the chap your referring to, I was hoping for the same to be honest, getting a partner to join me every step of the way, I've read coastal is about 7500 miles if I aimed for a conservative 100 a day 6 days a week it would take.... still a very long time

    Fubar your also a star! I'm sure there will be route plans etc all over the internet from motorbikers and car clubs etc who have done the very same but will look into your info asap

    Even though the mission isn't to stop off and take 5 months it's literally to get around in a half decent tines, I've had the idea of filming it, maybe a helmet cam and a decent camera and doing a blog online for people to watch so I can show them what exactly is on their doorstep, as soltydog mentioned we have a place called spurn nearby and it's one of the most fantastic places on this planet and it's a safe ride down there and nobody makes the effort, it's a pipe dream but it's in slow progress, need to set out exactly what I want, and I hope I can count on all you people as and when I need you??

  14. East Riding Lad

    East Riding Lad Active Member

    I'm a roadie Magic but I also have a cyclocross that I use as a winter/bad weather bike and its also good for the Hornsea/Withernsea railway tracks.
    I've read a book by a lady called Josie Dew who cycled around the coasts of England and Wales if thats any help. If I remember correctly, she camped in a field near Spurn and sat amongst broken glass and read the graffiti in a bus shelter in Keyingham. I dont think she made many other references to our area.
    I have been known to spend time in Blackies on and off, when did you work there?
  15. OP

    Magic New Member

    I worked there maybe 2-3 years ago. the pub was shut down for a while and then re-oppened by a woman and lad, helen and kenny, she i think had bleach blonde hair at the time, and she was teaching pole dancing upstairs?? well i was the daytime help, i must say there isnt much trade on a daytime :smile:
    ive just been reading up on a chap who has done the trip ill quote below what he said about withernsea...

    As people all along the Yorkshire coast told me for the next few days when I related the story:
    "You don't want to go to Withernsea!"
    I cycled past the gas terminals at Easington and through Out Newton and Holmpton. Past a really nice looking pub and arrived at the top of the hill looking down at Withernsea and what a lovely place it looked, even with a lighthouse in the middle of the town like Southwold.

    Down the hill and into the town and then I looked for the tourist office because they always have a list of vacancies in the window. Unfortunately the window had solid steel shutters-bit strange I thought in a tourist area. Next I headed for the lighthouse as there was bound to be accomodation near there- nothing in sight. To cut a long story short I cycled round and round a very run down looking town and found no sign of anywhere to stay. Now I'm sorry to call it run down if you live there but I was really surprised as I'd been expecting something very different.
    I stopped and asked a lady and she said there weren't any B&Bs but then remembered seeing a sign on the seafront and so off I went to investigate.
    Down on the front I came across a line of houses and halfway along found one with a tatty note in the window advertising accomodation. I knocked and the door was answered by a man who said he had a room for £25. He showed me in and the door of the first room was poen. This was his room and it had a huge double bed and junk piled up all around it. My first thought was that it looked exactly like the sitting room in Steptoe and Son.
    He showed me to a room next to his. "You're nearly ensuite," he said pointing to a bathroom right next door.
    I was advised that I must pay in cash and to take my bike into the room as it might disappear. I paid up and then got ready for a shower. In the bathroom I found a line of towels and toothbrushes- my "nearly ensuite" was being used by all the other guests as well. It turned out that it was more a boarding house than guesthouse. Later I could hear babies crying and people coughing but never ever saw anybody.
    My room had a nasty human bodilly functions smell and the powerpoints were overloaded with wires going from my room, under the door and off to power up other parts of the house.

    After my shower I was just leaving my room to go into town when my host opened his door, poked his head out and said, "By the way, forgot to tell you, I used to do breakfasts but I can't be bothered anymore." He shut the door and that was the last I ever saw of him.
    I'm afraid I didn't find the town much better. The pubs along the main street were all very similar in that they basically only sold larger, there was very little food on offer and each had a large group of smokers on either side of the entrance. Now I'm sure there must be a good side to Withernsea but I didn't see it so if you live there please put the record straight.
    That night I lay in bed and listened to the sounds of a boarding house full of mysterious and invisible people and it it suddenly came to me that this was just like Rising Damp-that old tv series- but I think Rigsby would have got a higher star rating! I dare not mention names for fear of legal action!
    Next morning I woke at 6am, got up and went, probably never to return. Every time I think about my trip now I can't get "You don't want to go to Withernsea," out of my head.
    Later on my trip I spoke to a man who'd also been to Withernsea and he said he'd gone to the Tourist Information Office and asked what attractions were there. He was told about the lighthouse and so said he would go there right now. "Sorry,", she said, " it's closed today."

    well i think im decided on a carbon framed crosser, road bike would obviously be best for roads but anything slightly rocky, dusty or anything not a perfect road i think ill need something better, going to look into getting sponsorship etc but for now ill just stick with my bike untill i have the plans planned out.
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