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As my 'Bike in front of a gate' thread seems to have tapped into a rich seam, I think it's time to do the same with cols, however grand or humble the col & its sign. I've got loads, and though I haven't got one from today, here's one from a while ago on one of my regular circuits, though the bike had other ideas about resting against the sign. I swore a little.


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fark that.

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It was the only one on our Welsh tour that was marked with a sign. But we did climb it twice.


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Here for the ride.
If anyone else has this one I'll be absolutely amazed. The date is April 30th, 1988. My old Revell Elite, and what looks like a chunky baguette:


On the subject of The Tumble, I don't recall seeing a sign when I used to ride that way. However, I do remember that there used to be a sign to mark the highest point on the Heads of the Valleys road, nearby on the Brynmawr by-pass. I don't think you're allowed to ride that way any more. If I'd known about this thread...


Here for the ride.
Col de la Faucille in the Juras 2015
That looks like the centre of a town! Not quite what I think I remember from 30+ years ago. It was my first over 1000m, and it marked the end of my journey to Geneva, so it's recalled with fondness.

The one I most wanted to get, and which would have been great for this thread, is the Col du Faux, near Lalouvesc.
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The above was after my 2nd climb up it in 1 day (this was on the 24th of last month), and I can't even begin to describe how tough the 2nd climb was. :heat:
The ride started from Bormio at 0830 and I finished in Bormio about 1830, and in Prato at the start of the 2nd climb it was 40 degrees. One of my toughest riding days ever.
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