Your First Pay Packet Purchase

gary r

I remember my first brown envelope stuffed with cash,well about £25 at the time,I bought a pair of those black & white shoes like the Jam used to wear & a Steel Pulse album!!!Can you remember what you bought?:laugh:


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One summer, when I was 13, I did 2 paper rounds each morning. I was in heaven when I got my pay at the end of the first week, all £2.60p of it! By the end of the summer I'd saved up about £8 (spent the rest on gawd-knows-what), and I thought I was richer than a rich man from rich-land!


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I got 25p an hour for my first job. After two weeks of working on a building site in the middle of winter I could afford a pair of headphones that I had coveted.

They were crap.

John the Monkey

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My first ever payment for my labour was for being a golf caddy, and I bought a copy of Public Enemy's "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" album with it. I also developed a lifelong hatred for the game of golf.

With the pay from my first regular (albeit Saturday) job, I bought a zippo lighter, as I recall.


PrettyboyTim said:
A crate of beer for the guys who'd let me sleep on their sofa until I'd sorted myself out with accomodation.

So you were old enough to buy beer when you got your first pay packet?

I was 13. I spent the school holidays sweeping up in the factory where me dad worked!
From my paper round I bought a ZX Spectrum.
From my first full time job I bought a black trilby. :biggrin:


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I first started working regularly on a paper round and also cutting the lawn and general gardening for an old woman in the village.

Can't remember the first purchase but would have been basically spectrum games, seven inch singles and/or tapes, fishing stuff and anything else that was hard to shoplift! :biggrin: (I was about eleven or twelve btw! :o)


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I did a milk round from the age of 12, i saved up to buy a fishing rod. It cost me £12/10.00, Old money still then.
My first proper pay packet at the age of 16 was £16.50. I gave my mum £5. can't remember what I bought with it, it was such a long time ago.
With money from my first 'proper' job, I bought a video player, as we didn't have one at home then. It cost £429 twenty years ago, and it still works, if we bothered to use it.


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Birmingham, UK
This is hard to answer because my first proper job didn't pay for ages. They didn't do the paperwork for a few weeks and then I missed that month's pay cycle. So when I finally got some money I had to immediately give it all to the bank :ohmy: (and people wonder how the spiral of debt begins!:biggrin:).

Anyway after a few months I got a tax rebate which felt like my first actual lump of spendable cash. I bought three Le Creuset saucepans and a 3/4 length leather coat. Turned out to be good purchases which ten years on get used almost every day.


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First job was working in an army-navy store at weekends at about 13yrs old. First pay packet was spent on some flowers for my mother.
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