Your homeland paradise?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by stevenb, 16 Mar 2008.

  1. stevenb

    stevenb New Member

    South Beds.
    If you could only ever live in one place ever again in the whole world, where would it be?

    Vancouver, Canada is appealing to me....stunning location...but the cold and dark winter days are not appealing and really limits bike riding (my road bike).

    I think mine would have to be one of the Canary Islands. Possibly Gran Canaria in a rural village. I know there are more luxurious destinations but I like the idea of being able to ride my road bike year round, have consistent weather with enough seasonal variation for it not to be boring, have adequate facilities and amenities for living when required. Nice scenery, clean air and reasonably cheap living costs. I might find a nice Spanish lady too....:biggrin::tongue:

    I think I could manage my days there quite nicely.:smile:
  2. Milo

    Milo Veteran

    Melksham, Wilts
    Hmm Sennon in Cornwall lovely place although only was i was at a ripe old age theres not much to do apart from drink yourself to death so i wouldn't move there now.
    As much as i hate the rain in England if we didnt have it it would not be very green thats why i think spain would drive me mad just not enough green.
    The countryside in the UK feels like a giant park to me.
  3. OP

    stevenb New Member

    South Beds.
    I agree.....Thats why Gran Canaria appeals to me so much....its the greenest of all the canary islands and it has enough rainfall (more than the other islands IIRC).
  4. Milo

    Milo Veteran

    Melksham, Wilts
    yea it is one of the nicer islands.
    I like Lazeroti (sp?) to the scenery can be stunning yet bleak.
    They have the right idea on planning restrictions there as well no huge tower block hotels.
  5. derall

    derall Über Member

    Home Counties
    I don't like warm weather so I wouldn't go any further south than where I am at the moment.

    Of all the places I could possibly live I think I'd either choose either Jutland or Orkney. Both conducive to cycling being reasonably flat (though countered by strong winds...) Jutland has better cycle lane provision, Orkney has less traffic.

    Probably Orkney in the end.
  6. cisamcgu

    cisamcgu Veteran

    Tonga, in the South Pacific - I lived there for almost 5 years - it truely is a paradise....

  7. simonali

    simonali Über Member

    I'd like to live in the New Forest, or somewhere similar. Quiet, countrysidey and away from everyone else!
  8. Milo

    Milo Veteran

    Melksham, Wilts
    Yea the new forest is nice but people seemed a touch snooty for my likeing down there.
  9. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    I lived in Spain for two years...I would go back there
  10. yenrod

    yenrod Guest

    As much as Ive only been to 2 places in my life outside of this country, Italy and France.

    I know enough now, that UK life is crazy and I summed up a few years back what makes it like so...

    We are subjects..of the monarchy - this seriously needs to change: the people have changed but not the system.

    In the UK, the people are 'dummed down to' rather than running the system...

    But to answer the Q - Italy or somewhere with good country and weather, where people ARE NOT running around like rats...
  11. Milo

    Milo Veteran

    Melksham, Wilts
    As much as folk moan about the uk me included it really does have some of the nicest countryside in the world IMHO thats why I love it.
  12. wafflycat

    wafflycat New Member

    middle of Norfolk
    I'll be quite happy to stay in Norfolk, as it's wonderful cycling, with its myriad of lanes. I would, however, like to live here in Norfolk in a Huf Haus that's carbon neutral and the roof all solar panelled.
  13. punkypossum

    punkypossum Donut Devil

    North Island of New Zealand, absolutely loved it!
  14. Milo

    Milo Veteran

    Melksham, Wilts
    Been to Norfalk once i think the lack of hills would send me mad TBH.
  15. 4F

    4F Active member of Helmets Are Sh*t Lobby

    The Dordogne region of France for me. Nice weather, nice food and nice hills.
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