You're a plonker Rodney

I hope his driving licence is 'written off' too! Appalling driving which was a long way outside the realms of his ability and the situation…. The kind of driver that is a danger to all around every time they get behind the wheel.


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While we're on the subject of paint who ever choses battleship grey or is it a thing?
From what I've been told when Fiat were building the Abarth they had no paint so they used aircraft grey from a nearby aircraft assembly hangar. You'll need to google it to find the exact story.

I had an Abarth in the same colour to pay homage to Fiats history.
That will buff out.
But joking aside, that’s a very expensive car, that amount of damage probably won’t write it off, the bits that broke, are supposed to break like that, to dissipate the crash energy. It’s a lot of Carbon Fiber, which tends to look more spectacular when you damage it, than alloy panels.


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Horrible colour.

Fancy crashing on a straight bit of road - I hope the coppers throw the book at him.
Not much chance of that I'm afraid. Nobody hurt and a bit of property damage which will be handled by his insurance.
Agree about the colour though .
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