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betty swollocks

large member
There are two youtube videos of me on my bikes: one is of me on my Thorn/Rohloff machine and the other of me on my recumbent - a Challenge Hurricane.
Anyway, just a couple of weeks ago, the former had over two hundred more views than the latter. Now - and I've just checked, the latter is just thirteen behind and looks set to overtake very soon.
Explanations please?
Maybe someone has put a link to the latter in their website and people are clicking on it?


Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I don't know the reason but both are interesting, although as a Non bent rider I must say the Thorn looks more comfortable. I also suppose the taking the bent through the water would give you a wet behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Discovery Channel last night was a programme called 'Pedal Power' and amongst other things there were two recumbents that could get up to 90-100 kmh! Don't know when it was shown in the UK or US but the speed factor might be the reason for re-newed interest.
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