Zero Hours contracts and Bikeability

I received an email today from a training company offering zero hours contracts as a Bikeability Instructor.
I though most instructors were self-employed for the training at least so it had me wondering, how many here are Instructors and if the Government do get rid of these contracts (as every party seems to think they are a bad thing) how is that likely to affect Bikeability Training ?


That sounds a bit odd, by the time your "employer" has taken their cut there won't be anything left for your wages ........



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Was it this one?

– we’re looking for weekend and additional summer cover in London on a zero hours contract. It’s not a horrible zero hours contract like in the news though! You’ll have flexibility to choose your days and turn down work etc. You needn’t even be National Standards qualified – we’ll sort your training (and not charge you for it!).​

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I do beginners or family rides for a local community development trust on a zero hour contract. They give you dates, you tell them if you're available or not.
Nothing sinister.
Btw, I have another 2 jobs on zero hour contract, love the flexibility.
Without my main job being a zero hour, I could have never had the time off to do my cycle leader or bikability.


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I don't do anything as basic as Bikeability, but when training I either charge on a hire basis, or charge via my SAR team ( I donate my time for free when training SAR personnel). I don't train at work any more.
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