1. stevedeer

    FOR SALE__ CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer

    Used to recover from a knee operation. Perfect for winter training indoors, as new.... £150 rrp £300!!! I'm Wirral/Merseyside area £150
  2. OldManGraham

    Cycleops trainer

    could someone tell me what these accessories are please.
  3. OldManGraham

    Cycleops Trainer

    I've just bought this off fleabay, good bit of kit apparently,I need a cadence meter, or maybe even an ant+dongle to assist me, can anyone make this look simpler than it is, I've no idea whatsoever, and that's before its even arrived, cheers.
  4. F

    Elite Qudo Digital Smart B+ or CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer

    Beginner looking for a decent trainer. I was looking at smart trainers and the Elite looks to be a good beginner trainer?
  5. FailsafeOperator

    ? About cycleops trainer thru axle adapter

    Hello all. I have never owned a stationary trainer and my buddy is going to sell me his cycle ops fluid trainer, however he does not have the thru axle skewer. I checked cycleops' website and I noticed there are a couple lengths to the adapters but the website doesn't do a good job explaining...
  6. A

    CycleOps Magnus resistance issue

    Hi All, I've just invested in a CycleOps Magnus and wondered if there are any Magnus owners here that can tell me if the following is normal for it? When resistance is being applied to the Magnus by an app, say 10%, I tend to slow down after a minute or so since I'm no pro nor very young. When...
  7. BenScoobert

    CycleOps Aluminium Rollers with Resistance Unit £150 as per the link, used once for about 20 miles, still like new
  8. bikingdad90

    Cycleops speed/cadence sensor.

    I recently bought off eBay a cycleops speed/cadence sensor. It is meant to be ant+ going by the little logo on the side but I believe it is actually a coded ant sensor so transmits only as speed or cadence and I cannot get it to pair with my Mio Cyclo 305 because I need one which transmits both...
  9. Kevin Alexander

    Cycleops Classic Fluid 2 Trainer -Edinburgh

    CYCLEOPS CLASSIC FLUID 2 TRAINER Selling for £80 Bought for £200 middle of 2015 from Tredz, I am selling as I have purchased a smart turbo trainer. This is a great piece of kit, not too loud and will work with Zwift. It is small and compact that it can be folded and stored in a cupboard...
  10. borchgrevink

    CycleOps software and Bkook hardware

    Sorry if asked before. Does CycleOps work perfectly with Bkool Pro roller? How do you guys compare the software from Bkool vs CycleOps?
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