? About cycleops trainer thru axle adapter

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Hello all.

I have never owned a stationary trainer and my buddy is going to sell me his cycle ops fluid trainer, however he does not have the thru axle skewer. I checked cycleops' website and I noticed there are a couple lengths to the adapters but the website doesn't do a good job explaining things.

Basically I need to know if the adapter is compatible with 12mm thru axle on a canyon endurace. Any advise will be appreciated.

Please and thank you.
Loch side.
There are various lengths of 12mm axles. You need to measure the distance between the drop-outs of your rear wheel with the wheel removed and match that with the length of the adapter. You probably won't get an exact match because the drop-out distance is a bit difficult to get right thanks to a bit of flex and in that distance. Give or take 2mm.
Thank you Yellow Saddle for your reply.

As the bikes are still in transit, I called Cycleops and Canyon and have found that I need the 142 x 12 skewer, however Canyon didn't know what thier rear thread pitch was.

Does anyone know the thread pitch on a Canyon? Thanks
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