dawes kingpin

  1. GazK

    Dawes Kingpin folder frame & forks, rack, kickstand

    Breaking a project that didn’t quite work out. Can post items at cost, or – once covid restrictions lift – can potentially drop off at meet up point in Bristol or West London. Kickstand, good condition: £5 Rack: Pletcher aluminium, for 20" wheel bike, good condition, £15 Dawes Kingpin folder...
  2. DCLane

    Dawes Kingpin: update and upgrade

    Pulled the Dawes Kingpin out for a check-over as we're about to start some updates and it's incredibly rusty: stored carefully but I knew it was very chipped with some rust when I bought it last year. We've since fitted a lighter seatpost and purple/black Scoop saddle which saved about 1kg...
  3. BSOh

    Dawes Kingpin

    Hi everyone. Looking for a Dawes Kingpin (folder or standard). Don't mind a complete bike or frame only as it's only the frame I want. Seller must be prepared to post as I'm too out of the way to make collection feasible. Thanks BSoH
  4. DCLane

    New arrival: Dawes Kingpin

    I bought this a week ago or so and collected it today: a 1977 purple 20" 3 speed shopping bike. All original and intact, although the 3 speed hub needs a bit of work to shift properly. It's got new tyres so has had some work recently. Also there's quite a few scratches that'll need paint. Well...
  5. EltonFrog

    *SOLD* Blue Dawes Kingpin for sale *SOLD*

    listed on the bay of e. I’ll do an off auction deal for CCer’s. Link
  6. EltonFrog

    England : Bristol Bath - Bristol - Bath, Raleigh 20 / Dawes Kingpin Ride this Saturday 13/10

    As above, informal bike ride for those that ride 20 inch wheeled bikes. Meet at Bath Spa. FACEBOOK LINK
  7. EltonFrog

    1975 Dawes Kingpin Folder

    I’ve decided to move on this green KP folder I bought a couple of weeks ago. I’ve decided I’m going to wait for a green non folder to come along. Everything works perfectly on it, I’ve ridden it a few times, the original tubes and tyres have stayed inflated from a couple of weeks ago. The rear...
  8. Dirtyhanz

    raleigh twenty

    So excited just bought a raliegh twenty pick it up tomorrow the pictures look great looks like of to the bike shop for New tyres and tubes when I pick it up will post photos
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