raleigh twenty


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see this is why cycle chat is a good forum @Dirtyhanz is excited about a Raliegh Twenty of all things and he is happy to tell the world , and we are all happy for him .

Cycling and bikes shouldnt just be about the latest and fastest machine it should be about enjoying the machine and activity .

cant wait for the pics


Wooo Hooo That pic takes me back over 30 years :smile: In the very desirable "Coffee" colour as well. One of Raleigh's easiest colours to touch up as well as looking good when the sun shines :biggrin: Alloy Pletcher bike rack too.

Please throw away that reflector thing in the front wheel, distracts from a classic.

Is there a frame number on it,I'd plump for 1977



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I think it's been out side once and them left standing in someones shed since 1976 well that's the date on the hub just tyres and tubes everything else is perfect and only cost 40 pounds
That looks about mint, whats next for it, JoGLE attempt, C2C. You've gotta do summat with it now.
EDIT - Midlife's right bin the reflector asap, tassles would look good though. :becool: I'm after some fer the trike.


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I had a Raleigh Twenty when I was 11. I used to do my paper round on it. And go up to the shopping mall. And down to skateboard bowl. Even up in the hills at the back of our place. It didn't handle particularly well on gravel roads but I loved it none-the-less.


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Didn't someone on here do a complete resto on one of these? Quite recently I think. It was also marketed as a Phillips and a Dawes I seem to remember.
I did a resto on a Dawes Kingpin, similar looking bike but different make.


@Dirtyhanz That Twenty Looks ACE! I take it you have seen this site? http://raleightwenty.webs.com/


Hi your kingpin looks amazing love the pump need to find one that's not going for silly money
That web site is excellent I have been looking for a twenty to do up for ages when this one came up on eBay one street away from me I thought it would be a bit rough it was such a low price there is no work to do on the bike apart from New tyres and tubes so I am still looking for another one I would like to do what Sheldon Brown did to his but this one is just to nice and original to mess with just got to get out and ride it
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