gear cable

  1. wyre forest blues

    Internal gear cable.

    I suspect that my rear gear cable is sticking and I would like to replace the complete set both inner and outer cables. However my Giant bike's cables run internally . Within the down tube the cable runs through a thin plastic outer cable. .thinner than the onse externally. I can't seem to find...
  2. RobinS

    Gear and brake cable replacement

    While I have the time I am refurbing our touring bikes, and after having my rear derailleur cable snap in the brifter last season in France thinking of replacing all our gear cables. Firstly, are the cables for Shimano Sora brifters, and Shimano MTB style LX rapidfire shifters the same...
  3. kiwifruit

    Change new gear cable and not shifting up the gears

    This is my first attempt of changing the gear and brake cables on the Canyon. I just doing the index on the rear cassette and the big lever is shifting fine, but the small lever is not making a clicks and not changing gears. If i stop and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes then it works fine again...
  4. dennetti

    Running "inner" gear cable through Planet X EC130 frame

    The plastic sleeve for the gear cable of the front derailleur on my Planet X EC 130 goes through the frame and comes out a small hole in front of the back wheel at the bottom of the seat tube. The problem is, there is a hole in this sleeve and I can't feed a new cable through as it butts up...
  5. grellboy

    Jammed rear Tiagra gear cable

    Evening my lovelies! Crashed a while back and replaced various parts. Now got round to replacing rear gear cable but it seems jammed in hood: can't push through or pull out. Not particularly helpful pictures attached. Any help appreciated.
  6. Accy cyclist

    Gear cable snapped while out riding,but not too bad an experience

    As i'd only just set off so i was only about 200 yards from home. It was my own fault in a way,because i had it in too high a gear,or is it too low? Anyway,i was in a grinding gear as i call it ,meaning there was probably too much strain on the cable and seeing as i was going up a steep hill it...
  7. glocal

    Gear cable

    I can't figure out if the two ends in the photo can be put back together. I tried and failed, but before I take the bike to the shop, is there something I am missing? It seems to me that the nut should be firmly attached to the bit that is tied to the cable. Thanks.
  8. bruce1530

    What do you call this bit (rubber boot on gear cable)

    Shimano 105, front derailleur, the gear cable comes through the frame vertically just behind the bottom bracket, and then the cable inner goes up to the deraiileur. There’s a little rubber boot over the cable, to keep water and muck out. On mine, the rubber has started to perish. What do you...
  9. C

    Help: Brompton gear cable tension adjustment

    Hi, My 6 speed Brompton is having a lot of trouble downshifting in the left-hand gear. The sturmey archer hub is working fine, but the chain isn't going from the small sprocket to the large sprocket when I shift using the left hand gear lever. It has no problem moving from the large sprocket...
  10. KneesUp

    Cantilver Hangers

    I'm refitting some cantilver brakes which currently have yoke hangers like this: but I'm finding threading the main cable through the top is a total PITA because you have to trim the main cable exactly right in order for the yoke to clear it - in the image it looks like they do not touch...
  11. summerdays

    Snapped Rear Gear Cable

    Annoyingly it had been on my list of things to do, but it was acting weird this morning (mental note to fiddle with it when I arrived at work), then it went. Anyway what I want to know is what is the fix to get me home.... I know that I could fix it in one gear at the back but how do I do that...
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