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  1. cookiemonster

    New Year Resolutions

    That time of year again. So what's your resolution(s) for this year? Mine is health related and to get much more organised as things have gone a bit awry in 2021. Also, backing off from social media as I have been using it a bit too much and it's draining.
  2. Oldhippy

    Another New Year looms

    It is that time of year when many people recount where they are in life. Any big changes with CC'ers? All being well I should hopefully be able to look for and buy my narrow boat to start plans for stopping work in the next 18 months. I plan to use as many recyclable materials as possible and...
  3. cookiemonster

    Happy New Year!

    2020 here in Asia. May your miles be many and your legs strong.:bravo:
  4. PeteXXX

    Happy New Year

    Year of the pig.. 新年快樂 :smile:
  5. PHL67


    Wishing everyone a happy new year and here’s to a great 2019. May your wheels run true and your brakes work well. A healthy and prosperous year for us all whatever it brings.
  6. Dec66

    Happy New Year to you all, thread

    Happy New Year, all! May your cycling milestones all be met. I'm down to win the TdF next year, so no pressure.
  7. Shaun

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Myself and the mod team would like to thank you all for your continued support through 2018. :highfive: Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope you all have a lovely relaxing festive break. Take care, be safe, and may the wind be always at your...
  8. slowmotion

    Happy Christmas folks

    Well, I eventually got my festive hat on. Have fun.
  9. I like Skol

    England : Greater Manchester 1st Jan, Kick Off the New Year. Manchester to Alderley Edge and back.

    Due to popular demand I have decided to organise a Cycle Chat forum ride from Manchester for the 1st January . Old friends and new can get together at the beginning of the year to start things off as we mean to go on. Leaving Manchester's iconic Albert Square at 10am we will wind our way...
  10. S

    New Year, utter lethargy

    Dry January…………………..tick Improved diet……………….tick New exercise regime…….tick More sleep………………..….tick So why is it that I feel so flaming lethargic? Is it just my advancing age (54), or is it that when I look at Trump vs. the World, woeful state of UK politics in the lead up to Brexit...
  11. postman

    Happy New Year.

    Happy New Year to one and all.I hope 2018 can be better for all of us.
  12. pplpilot

    Did you keep your 2017 new year resolution?

    I personally dont bother.what about you?Mrs Pplpilot has amazing will power and hasn't touched alcohol all year.
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