1. De Sisti

    Oakley Forager Glasses: Sold (on YACF)

    One pair of Oakley Forager Glasses. These are supposed to enhance vision in gloomy conditions. I only wore these on two occasions, as I didn't like the nose support. £30 inc postage.
  2. Kevin Alexander

    Clothing and sunglasses (Le col and Oakley)

    Oakley £70 Le col t shirt £20 size medium Le col mapei BNWT size large £70 Le col wind jacket size large £70 HJC medium helmet £70 Le col gilet size large £30 each or all 3 for £70
  3. MDA 998


  4. Specialeyes

    Alan Oakley - archive, drawing board and original Chopper sketch up for sale

    So, I was going to link this into the 'for sale elsewhere' thread (mods - feel free to do so if you prefer) but thought it's a bit special and warranted some more attention. The widow of Alan Oakley, head of design at Raleigh, has put up an archive of blueprints, documents and some rather nice...
  5. A

    Clear out new prices (Clearout - All must go)

    Rapha Merino Hooded Jacket City Range £70 Worn but in good condition http://road.cc/content/news/112201-raph ... city-range 4 Wiggins Core Jerseys 1 White Long Sleeved Size XL - £50 (Current Season) 1 White Short Sleeved Size L - £35 (Current Season) 1 Green Short Sleeved Size L - £35 (Current...
  6. Jason

    Oakley Racing jacket

    very excited to have picked up a pair of these up yesterday and very pleased with the fit. https://www.evanscycles.com/oakley-racing-jacket-glasses-polished-black-prizm-trail-and-clear-vented-lens-EV239295 but I have a couple of questions for those of you in the know .. 1. should they have a...
  7. J

    Replica Oakley Sunglasses

    Hi Trying to source a pair of replica Oakley Jawbone (AKA Foakley) Sunglasses from Ebay but not having any joy, does anyone have a suggested seller ? Thanks
  8. stu1903

    Oakley Jawbones - Photochromic - SOLD

    Genuine Oakley Jawbones with photochromic lens for sale. The photochromic lens darkens and lightens with the light conditions. Sale includes: Oakley Hard Case Spare Nose Piece RED Oakley Jawbone Glasses with photochromic lens Set of clear lens I bought for night time use. Excellent condition...
  9. blackgoff

    Oakley Radar (copies')

    Yellow frames complete with; Clear Blue lens, Yellow lens, Tinted (multi-coloured) Sunny lens, Clear lens, Mirror lens - as from China as per the copy' fact bought for 13 quid i think will sell for the price of postage a fiver orso recorded delivery etc.... Great condition - very nice...
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