1. mickle

    Being a plumber in a traffic restricted city

    My £35 mid nineties Marin Kentfield, which became my ratty tourer, now reimagined as a plumbing bike!
  2. winjim

    Suez canal traffic jam

    If anyone's waiting for any stuff to be delivered from anywhere East of Africa, don't hold your breath. There's an absolutely mahoosive container ship the 'Ever Given', stuck in the Suez canal. Apparently they've tried shoving out of the way with every tug boat in Egypt, all to no avail. But...
  3. S

    UK Low Traffic or Car Free Neighbourhoods - best practice ?

    Does anyone live in or near one - what locations ? How do schools, shopping, public transport work What advantages, disadvantages etc ? It might be useful to be able to cite real UK working examples when responding to local authority consultations and plans.
  4. E

    Triumph Traffic master

    Good afternoon all I've just started to try to swap out the handle bars on a bicycle I picked up a couple of months back. It's a nice 1979 Triumph Traffic master but I'm having an issue with getting them detached.Does anyone know anything about these bikes and if it's something that can be done...
  5. G3CWI

    Temporary Traffic Lights

    Do TTLs have the same status in law as fixed ones? Will police prosecute TTL jumping?
  6. E

    Temporary Traffic Lights

    Hi all I am talking about the sort of thing we have in the UK to control traffic round road works I have had a few problems with them over the last few months and I was wondering if others have the same issues The problem has been that, although starting off as soon as the lights go green - by...
  7. Banjo

    Normal traffic density is going to take some getting used to again.

    Clearly we all desperately want this virus under some sort of control and everyone back to work ASAP but Im really not looking forward to the usual amount of traffic on the roads.
  8. Accy cyclist

    Traffic warden on the take?

    I don't know if this is in the right section of CC,seeing as it's not a 'lighthearted' topic,but we'll see. As my title suggests,to put it bluntly i think a traffic warden who patrols this area is turning a blind eye to some who park on double and single yellow lines. I've mentioned before about...
  9. hoppym27

    Traffic Free Events

    My wife did the New Forest Sprong Sportive with me and she enjoyed the occasion but she really doesnt like roads, to the point that she panics and ends up being a danger to herself! Does anyone know of any traffic free or closed road sportives/rides/events that take place, maximum distance of...
  10. Alien8

    Cyclist spotted holding up traffic - while ignoring new £1.2m cycle path

    Well that's what the Cambridge Evening New says. Yes, it's the usual anal mutterings from the hard of understanding. But I was interested by their statement: Although cyclists don't have to use cycle paths, the Highway Code says: "If cycle routes are available cyclists should make use of...
  11. Maz

    Advice - I was involved in a road traffic incident this morning.

    Hi all, Advice needed. I was involved in a road traffic incident this morning. I was cycling on the main road and an oncoming car turned right, in front of my path. I ended up going over his bonnet and landed by the driver's door. I have the driver's name/address/insurance policy number/tel...
  12. AndyRM

    A Short History of Traffic Engineering

    A simple and effective bit of design outlining how much other road users are inconvenienced for the sake of cars. I've seen a few of these over the years and I think this is my current favourite, particularly the cycling one.
  13. markharry66

    Bike boxes at traffic lights.

    Just wondered what is law on bike boxes at traffic lights I am sure they are never enforced or rarley used by cyclist just by motorists cant remember last time I saw one free of traffic.
  14. CycleChat

    Offer: GT Traffic 3.0 (2017) Hybrid Bike £337.49 @ Wiggle

    GT Triple Triangle 6061 Alloy commuter Frame Shimano Tourney 3x7 Drivetrain Promax Mechanical Disc Brakes Innova LandTracker tyres GT All Terra finishing kit
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