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Thought I d start a thread for 2020 structured plans.

I've just dusted down the turbo and will spend December reacquainting myself with hard turbo efforts. I've got a new recumbent, with a 700C rear wheel. So I'll be using the recumbent to develop power on it, as it uses the back of the leg muscles much more than upright. So you need to train on it, to get the most out of it when out on the road.

Got some hilly long distance rides in 2020 so keen to get my power and how long I can sustain it, as high as possible.


To call my plans "structured" could be stretching it a little. I tend to do a short ride (60-90mins) to make heart beat faster, every 2 or 3 days.
Very worried about ice (black) nowadays, so if it gets to 3 days without venturing on the road, will do a 20 minute session on the turbo. I also play competitive table tennis and I include this as one of the training days.
No plans next year for long rides, just the club's evening 10 series and would love to beat my age standard. Maybe an open 25 or two and would really like to ride a 50 - haven't done one for a few years.

Had an enforced rest in september (kidney stone) for a few months, but have recovered and have made a start on this plan, although xmas might get in the way.


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2 sessions away from finishing anothrr Specialised Plan with TrainerRoad. Dithering whether I’ll have a couple of weeks completely structure free and then start with a Base plan and start all over. Ordinarily you would revert to the Build plan but I fancy square 1.
I've been off the turbo the past few months. So I'd call what I'll be doing this month as preparation phase. As in preparing the body for the phases to come.
Open TT's and the ToC TT are my targets for next year. I'm cautiously optimistic with the level of training I've been doing and with the op, I'm no longer seeing my stomach swell. Previously I'd be a relative superman, then an OAP for a bit then a relative superman again. I put it down to nutrition/hydration but the more I ate and drank the more often I'd be the OAP and it was the initial sign of a bigger problem. But now its sorted I seem to be more sustainable and I'm looking forwards to training over winter and next year:okay:


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As part of my long term plan for next year I bought a tacx smart trainer a few months ago. My plan is to drop my monthly 100k ride while retaining the monthly 100miler, and do a few shorter 50k or so rides as replacement for the 100ks, plus work on the trainer so I don't lose fitness for the 100milers and 200k audaxes.

Quite how I'm going to do this I've not quite figured out. I've not bought any subscription to anything yet.

So far I've been trying Tacx's "Bora Hansgrohe (sp?)" Program. This has three weekly sessions - intervals (three bunches of 5x high effort with recovery between), over/under (three blocks of effort over then under FTP) plus an endurance session that is dull. I've binned that.

I've also been trying to figure out how much I can commit to. I'm thinking of two weekday sessions, one first thing (<=1hr) one evening (~90 min) Plus a weekend session if I'm not out on the road.

I need to figure out what I'm trying to achieve in a bit more detail. I'm hoping that if I can up my FTP then maybe my long distance easy effort cruising speed might go up a bit. And I don't want the loss of my monthly 100k rides resulting in me finishing my 100 milers struggling and making 200k audaxes an ordeal.

Also I've confirmed that yes, my wife's hybrid will fit on the trainer. So she's pinched it and puts in loads of time on it. (I have to do the swap and recalibration, tho :sad: )
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