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235 miles a day for a year (Amanda Coker Challenge)

Discussion in 'Time Trial, Long Distance and Endurance' started by Mugshot, 27 Feb 2017.

  1. Steve's stats as at 26 Nov 17
    Days: 268, 73.4% of year, 97 days remaining
    Dist: 89,814 km / 55,808 mi
    Avg daily dist: 335.1 km / 208.2 mi (Last 7 days: 325.4 km / 202.2 mi per day)
    Avg daily elevation (Strava): 1,281 m / 4,203 ft (Last 7 days: 1201 m / 3940 ft per day)
    Moving speed (Strava): 25.7 km/h / 16.0 mi/h (Last 7 days: 25.1 km/h / 15.6 mi/h)
    Hours per day riding (Strava): 15.2 (Last 7 days: 14.6)
    Projected total at overall daily rate: 122,321 km / 76,007 mi (335.1 km / 208.2 miles per day)
    Projected total at 7 day rate : 121,381 km / 75,422 mi (332.6 km / 206.6 miles per day)
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  2. A video from Idai Makaya featuring Steve.

    View: https://youtu.be/hhwt-OlyFYo
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  3. Steve's stats as at 03 Dec 17
    Days: 275, 75.3% of year, 90 days remaining
    Dist: 92,099 km / 57,227 mi
    Avg daily dist: 334.9 km / 208.1 mi (Last 7 days: 326.4 km / 202.8 mi per day)
    Avg daily elevation (Strava): 1,273 m / 4,176 ft (Last 7 days: 952 m / 3125 ft per day)
    Moving speed (Strava): 25.7 km/h / 16.0 mi/h (Last 7 days: 25.0 km/h / 15.6 mi/h)
    Hours per day riding (Strava): 15.2 (Last 7 days: 14.3)
    Projected total at overall daily rate: 122,240 km / 75,956 mi (334.9 km / 208.1 miles per day)
    Projected total at 7 day rate : 121,473 km / 75,480 mi (332.8 km / 206.8 miles per day)
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  4. Steve mentioned on twitter that he's been in the wars, and in his somewhat inaudible comments on Idai's video he said things have been quite serious. I thought perhaps we could peek inside his mind using from his choice of songs to describe his rides. ;)

    06 Nov: Light in the black
    07 Nov: In my world
    08 Nov: Shapes of things
    09 Nov: Rotting in vain
    10 Nov: Another brick in the wall
    11 Nov: Planet Caravan
    12 Nov: Lookin' out for No.1
    14 Nov: Rehab (long day kill me slow)
    13 Nov: Enjoy the struggle
    15 Nov: The sleep
    16 Nov: Clash with reality
    17 Nov: Blood Red Skies
    18 Nov: Bleeding me
    19 Nov: Enter Sandman
    20 Nov: Fighting (My way back)
    21 Nov: Golden Slumbers
    22 Nov: Born to lose
    23 Nov: Moment of clarity
    24 Nov: Darkness be my friend
    24 Nov: The lion sleeps tonight
    25 Nov: Fairies wear boots. (back to wearing overshoes)
    26 Nov: Killed by Death
    27 Nov: Hell aint a bad place to be
    28 Nov: The razors edge
    29 Nov: The struggle within
    30 Nov: Until it sleeps
    01 Dec: Train of consequences
    03 Dec: Bring me back to life
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  5. OP

    Mugshot Guru

    Steve Abraham
    2 hrs ·
    For anyone who saw the video from Sunday (and anyone else really), here is pretty much what I was saying.
    Sorry for no video updates since July. I have tried a few times and they haven't worked out. I don't have time to edit, so I have to get straight through without too many mistakes or forgetting important stuff.
    I've had a very hard few months and have discovered that I most likely have a condition that is restricting what I can do, which is partly why there haven't been any updates for a long time. That and traffic noise, opportunities to film etc. I won't go into my condition yet. That assumes that I do have it. However, what I am doing to solve my condition seems to be working very well. I have pretty much been setting myself further back every day since I set off in March, so have a lot of damage to undo. What I am doing seems to be working very well and I reckon I am about as bad now as I was in August. I made my discovery about a month ago and have been surprised at how much better I am feeling and how quickly I am improving, but I also realise how bad I got.
    So, once I get myself in a better condition; the end of this week would be the earliest at a guess; I will take an "easy" week and catch up on my video updates since the Mersey Roads 24hr in July using my netbook at home (so no traffic noise and you get to see my ugly mug. Maybe put it under the Christmas tree to stop the kids opening the presents early 1f642.png :-)). There will be several updates for all the stuff I have gone through since my last update, some of which might have been very serious. I have probably been close to having to stop the attempt a few times. Once I have caught up with the story from July to the discovery of my condition I will do another update where I reveal all about my condition and try to explain how debilitating it is. It should also explain why I have been having such a hard time, especially in the last few months.
    But for now, I am definitely feeling a lot better (even though I don't feel especially "good") and improving every day.
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  6. Thanks for that @Mugshot

    Elsewhere, the question of whether Steve will hit 500 centuries for the year has been raised. The Year Century Challenge has counted 462. I make it 468 in this HAMR attempt alone (plus quite a few in the year leading up), but overnight rides and stuff like that may account for the difference. Maybe I'll put some time into figuring it out.

    Whatever he does, I hope he puts his long term health first.

    These year long things really are a journey into the unknown. So few people attempt them that no one really knows the dangers that lurk ahead.
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  7. Aravis

    Aravis White-Haired Slow Cyclist

    Totting up individual activities, with no attempt to combine activities which directly follow one another, I make it 170 at 200+ miles, plus another 105 at 100+, giving 445 centuries during the HAM'R attempt. I think that's what the Strava Yearly Century Challenge is doing. That particular challenge has gone to the dogs this year, with single activities spanning a couple of weeks being routinely uploaded (not by Steve) with no apparent attempt to look at how the miles were distributed. I believe Steve is required to start a new activity when he rides past midnight, which happens to be the same basis as the original 1911 challenge on which the Strava Yearly Century Challenge is supposedly based. Do I sound bitter?

    It's a tough one, isn't it? I quite agree with your sentiments, but I also want him to be content with what he's done when it's all over.
  8. It's hard for the YCC to do anything other than take "Strava activity upload" as the individual unit of measure. Unless they want someone to write some stuff for them that stitches adjacent activities together, then unpicks activities that clearly contain multiple rides. And no, I'm not volunteering.

    Incidentally (WOOP WOOP name dropping alert WOOP WOOP) I was chatting to Steve last year and he was saying that when you get to the big Audaxes (600+ I guess) the idea of ride length goes out of the window. Does a ride stop and then restart after a few hours kip in a bus shelter? I kind of doubt that he's all that bothered by century count. Meanwhile it remains pretty important to us mortals.
  9. tallliman

    tallliman Über Member

    Steve's illness certainly could explain some of the issues he's been having.....putting ones body under continual strain for 2-3 years has to take its toll eventually. Having said that, it appears that this could be something non-cycling related....perhaps stomach?
  10. Aravis

    Aravis White-Haired Slow Cyclist

    You've reminded me of something. In this year's implementation, Strava's YCC is about collecting points which, depending on a rider's habits, may or may not relate to century count in the way most would understand it. And I keep trying to tell myself I'm not bitter. Those who've uploaded multi-day activities measuring in the 1000s of miles are likely to be overstating it; Steve, in reality, will have done considerably more centuries than the YCC stats imply - your figure suggests the same thing.

    A good example occurred on day 1 of Steve's HAM'R. He uploaded two activities, 155 miles and 163 miles. Strava's YCC has credited him with two points.

    I can't swear to it as I haven't looked in detail, but I assume that Steve's post-midnight fragments haven't been combined with one of the neighbouring activities for YCC purposes. If they were, that would up his count quite a bit.

    So I don't think the YCC stats are giving a good estimate of Steve's century count this year. Your stats (and mine probably) will do that much better.

    As you say, as if Steve cares!
  11. Steve's stats as at 10 Dec 17
    Days: 282, 77.3% of year, 83 days remaining
    Dist: 94,325 km / 58,611 mi
    Avg daily dist: 334.5 km / 207.8 mi (Last 7 days: 318.1 km / 197.6 mi per day)
    Avg daily elevation (Strava): 1,273 m / 4,176 ft (Last 7 days: 1272 m / 4174 ft per day)
    Moving speed (Strava): 25.7 km/h / 16.0 mi/h (Last 7 days: 25.0 km/h / 15.5 mi/h)
    Hours per day riding (Strava): 15.2 (Last 7 days: 15.5)
    Projected total at overall daily rate: 122,087 km / 75,862 mi (334.5 km / 207.8 miles per day)
    Projected total at 7 day rate : 120,724 km / 75,014 mi (330.8 km / 205.5 miles per day)
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  12. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    I have just found this thread having previously been aware of his attempt(s) and I must admit his own website doesn't make it in any way clear what he is attempting. http://www.oneyeartimetrial.org.uk . Even the FB page doesn't seem provide a summary. And it looks like he will get nowhere near the current record of 86k? I am not attempting to do down what he is trying to do, just to understand it.
  13. Aravis

    Aravis White-Haired Slow Cyclist

    Thanks for the update @Dogtrousers - I was holding my breath yesterday!

    @jay clock - I think there's been a general assumption from quite early on that the Kurt Searvogel target (76076 miles) is the realistic objective. But I'm not aware this has ever been stated by Steve. If you think about it, there was never going to be a single moment when the 86000+ target became impossible, and by the time it was obviously out of reach, did it really need saying?

    I've updated my moving average graph - see below:

    The Godwin target is demonstrably under control, although it remains a herculean task. The Searvogel target is, however, slipping away rapidly. Roughly speaking, he needs the equivalent of an extra lap (about 10 miles) of his standard A505 circuit on most of the remaining days. However unlikely, at this stage I don't think you can say it's impossible. I'm quite sure that given reasonable luck he'll find something on the run-in.
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  14. I believe he's trying to ride as many miles as he can in a year.
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  15. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    I was not trying to be arsy, I was genuinely trying to understand what he was trying to achieve having lost track of his various attempts