28mm tyres on 20mm (internal) width rims?


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I would not worry at all, Sheldon always seems very conservative.


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I'd agree. Hunt say for their 4 Season Gravel Discs (of identical internal width) 25-50mm tyre widths. As for the SL25, found this on Peloton magazine's site, referring to Kirk Pacenti himself:

"There are standards set out by a European organization, ETRTO, for tire and rim mating and according to its chart no tire smaller than a 28mm should be used on a rim with this internal width. While we have not ridden the rim with a 25mm tire we would happily do so, in our experience the standards are incredibly conservative as they likely know people will always push the envelope. Kirk himself suggests a 25mm tire for pure road riding with the SL25 and reports even 23mm tires have been run with no issues on the rim."
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