1. Fifelad

    Internal cable routing kits

    Although I have mastered replacing all my internally routed cables on my cube, I was thinking of investing in one of these kits to ease the pain of literally lying on my back with a head torch on eventually pulling the gear cable through the bottom bracket exit point with a pair of long nosed...
  2. wyre forest blues

    Internal gear cable.

    I suspect that my rear gear cable is sticking and I would like to replace the complete set both inner and outer cables. However my Giant bike's cables run internally . Within the down tube the cable runs through a thin plastic outer cable. .thinner than the onse externally. I can't seem to find...
  3. 2pies

    New bike, rattling internal cabling

    I went to pick up the bike I ordered from Evans on Saturday. Once they'd built it up (which was a bit of a saga) I took it out for a quick lap around the block. I immediately noticed a rattling sound and pointed it out to them when I returned. They said they couldn't hear anything but that was...
  4. oldgreyandslow

    internal cable bars and hydraulic brakes?

    Is it possible to use bars with internal cable routing and hydraulic brakes? I have a new set of bars with internal routed cables and fancy using them on a bike which currently has external routing, just wondered if anyone has swapped to internal routing and if there are any pitfalls to look...
  5. Johnymak

    1st internal handlebar routing

    Working on an 80.s biuld and Been trying to find some info on when internal routing was introduced on handlebars. I've seen some examples but dont recall dates or names I'd really like a set from the 80.s but unsure of release dates and names and if they were available at this time
  6. U

    Internal concrete step

  7. EasyPeez

    28mm tyres on 20mm (internal) width rims?

    Tyres being - Rims being Pacenti SL25s I know Sheldon would say it's wrong, but is it wrong enough to cause concern?
  8. Tenacious Sloth

    Internal Cabling Advice

    im currently building up a Kinesis Ti Granfondo frame and wanted to ask for any advice about the best way to thread the rear brake cable outer through the frame. The channel has a length of stiffish wire threaded through it as shown below with the piece of masking tape hanging off it. I’m...
  9. Torquewrench

    Question about brake cable's outer casing (in a frame with internal cabling)

    Hello! Okay, it is most likely another silly question, but I just want to be sure and I hope someone (who has similar bike frame - which has partial internal cabling) will clarify to me this situation of mine :smile: I am setting up my first custom bike based on the Specialized Diverge A1 (2016...
  10. nickyboy

    Internal doors sticking in frames

    At chez Nickyboy we have a bit of a rash of these. I wonder what's going on? Is the house "settling"'s about 25 years old so maybe unlikely? Is Derbyshire slowly sliding into the sea? Is it something to do with having just switched the heating on the past few weeks? ...and, what is the...
  11. J

    Park tools

    i am in praise of this dream piece of kit from park tools. Not only did it make feeding disc brake outer through the frame an absolute doddle, it also made feeding the same outer through my aerobars a cinch too
  12. I

    Dual sprocket Internal geared hub

    Hi, does anyone know where I could get one of these, or similar? Thanks, Ian
  13. biggs682

    Sturmey Archer aw 3 speed NIG Internal nos SOLD

    Got two indentical Sturney archer item : HSX120.0001.BX Description 3 speed NIG internal (box) BAR CODE 471094422403 Both new old stock in sealed bags , but the boxes have suffered . Looking on the St John Cycles website they are £79.99 ea see...
  14. J

    Routing rear mech externally on an internal frame.

    Hi, I posted a thread a while ago about problems with the internal routing on my Planet X RT-58 - . I did eventually manage to get the cable back through the frame but there was way...
  15. J

    Tyre and internal rim width

    Would or does anyone run a 28mm tyre on an internal rim width of 21mm and how does it ride? Looking at getting the zipp service course 30 discs
  16. junkie_ball

    DIY Internal Bike Carrier

    So i've just made a simple internal bike carrier which is basically a length of timber with a fork mount bolted to it...
  17. goody

    Internal cable routing

    I'm looking at a secondhand frame that has internal cabling. It was previously used with Di2 but I'd use mechanical. Should it come with different fittings for the cable ends? It's a Rose Xeon. Cheers.
  18. alecstilleyedye

    internal headset servicing

    the internal headset on my trusty carrera-framed trigger's broom of a commuter/winter bike was sounding a bit gritty as i turned the bars. i took the stem and wheels off with the view to taking the offending headset bearing out (the one at the bottom of the head tube) and trawling the local...
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