Routing rear mech externally on an internal frame.


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I posted a thread a while ago about problems with the internal routing on my Planet X RT-58 - . I did eventually manage to get the cable back through the frame but there was way too much friction to make it usable, so much so that it often wouldn't change in to the smallest cog.

I've spoken to Planet X and they were basically useless, so I'm gonna have to route it externally. I was just wondering if anyone else has done this and what the best way to do it was. Is it better to run the whole cable through an outer the whole way or mimic a normal externally routed frame and expose the cable down the down tube? And would I just cable tie the outer on to the frame?

Thanks, any help is very much appreciated!
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Assuming you have indexed gears you will need compressionless outer.

That's no problem, but don't buy stuff for brakes.

Sheldon Brown - as ever - is worth a read:
If you've got the cable it as a guide, apologies for teaching you to suck eggs if you've already tried. Slip the inner out leaving the outer in place and slip a new wire in it. If there's no outer slip a guide outer over the old inner first before removing the old inner. If the old outer is needing replaced then feed it over the new inner you've already installed. That worked fine for me the last time I replaced internal cables, fortunately it not been too often :okay:


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Have you tried using something like the park tools kit to route it properly? The bike is designed for internal routing, so do it properly, bodging externally is crazy. Failing that, try a proper LBS, not Halfords.


Some are a tight fit to get the cable through and some you do need to remove the bb to do so - very bad design from a maintenance point of view imo). It just requires a little patience Milkfloat is right find an LBS that has that patience


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It's not so much the problem of routing the cables, as I can do that but the inner straw/sheath seems to have a problem on the chainstay and is causing huge amounts of friction. There is also no access to the routing from the bottom bracket so there's no way I'm ever going to be able to find out what's going on. I'll take some photos when I'm home but I also don't think it will be possible to remove/replace the inner as there isn't any way I can see to remove it.
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