70 bikes recovered in police raid. With link to photos of the bikes.

Tracking stolen bikes to a had to be one of the easiest police operations possible.
Take one bike. Insert tracker. Lock up in suitable location with thin cable.
Sit back and track bike to Alladins cave of stolen gear.
Resolve hundreds of open crimes.
Collect tea and medals


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Would a tracker work inside a steel or aluminium frame ?
Has anyone tried one (I guess carbon might work OK) ?
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I didn't understand this comment in relation to one of the reviewed trackers:

"Topped up via a USB cable, the unit’s lithium battery should last months between charges, assuming you remember to deactivate it before riding."
Well, whenever it moves it detects its own relocation and sends you a message with its coordinates, so if you went on a ride it'd be doing that constantly - thus using up battery!
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