1. bruce1530

    3 bikes recovered in Edinburgh. Photos.

    Police recovered 3 bikes in Edinburgh on 19/11/21. - Grey E-Ranger Cruiser - Black Specialized Sirrus Sport - Black, red, white & blue Pinarello FP2 If you recognise them, get in touch quoting incident number 0549 19/11/21. View:
  2. R

    Raleigh Chiltern Ladies Bike - any good (see photos).

    I have recently acquired this Raleigh Chiltern ladies bike - I paid £40 for it (probably the going rate as it's not a collectible I would imagine like a Holdsworth) - an impulse buy because it's in such good condition for the year - not mint, but good nonetheless .... Can I have your assessment...
  3. Ming the Merciless

    Photos from 20 years ago

    The 9/11 20 years ago where were you got me all nostalgic. This thread is for photos from 20 years ago. Don’t have to be to the exact month but as close as you can manage. This one is day I left the Langtang valley in Nepal in October 2001. 9/11 had the affect of there being virtually no...
  4. Stephenite

    70 bikes recovered in police raid. With link to photos of the bikes.

    GMP Rochdale have recovered about 70 bikes (plus power tools) from an address in Middleton. They’ve put up photos of the bikes on FB and are inviting people to have a look if they’ve had a bike stolen. View:
  5. J

    Few photos.

    Photos of my conversion much cheaper that spending thousands pounds or euros on ebike.
  6. Peugeotrider

    Old racing photos

    An old one I have from about 87. Myself during a club event on a wet Thursday evening in northern Ireland and launching an attack by the look of it
  7. Cathryn

    The MOST beautiful photos

    My word, these are stunning. I must up my game for the Photo of the Month competitions.
  8. Mr Celine

    Cycling champion relations and vintage cycling photos

    Whilst clearing out junk from my parents house the other day I was looking through loads of old photos of unknown people and long-dead relatives when I came across this fantastic picture. I love the way his moustache is the same profile as his handlebars. According to my mother this was her...
  9. Brandane

    Old Shetland photos.

    Might be of some interest to @Drago , assuming you haven't become TOO Anglified! BBC report.
  10. Gunk

    Your Lockdown Photos

    I thought it would be interesting to share photos from earlier this year when we were in full lockdown, for me it wasn't all bad, a couple of months off work, time with the family and plenty of time out on the bikes. Here are some photos which capture a flavour of my lockdown (when I wasn't...
  11. P

    AZUB Origami Photos and Review

    I have finally got my Origami set up for me. I've swapped the tiller steering for Bacchetta tweener bars attached to a Terracycle folding stem and mast. Since taking the photos below I have raised the bars a little and laid the seat back a bit more: Having done the commute a couple of...
  12. colly

    Posting photos

    Has the method of adding photos to posts changed? I find I can no longer drag and drop pictures into posts. I can 'attach' them but dragging is so much more convenient. Maybe it's my old computer.
  13. anothersam

    Your photos of things which no longer exist

  14. Vantage

    Blurry Photos

    I've noticed for a while now that no matter how sharp my photos are on my phone, when they've been uploaded to cyclechat and been squeezed to death for server space that they are blurry. Any way to fix this? Too many perfectly good pics are being well and truly spoiled because of it.
  15. C R

    Interesting collection of photos and stories of women cyclists

    As per the title on the beeb website Left me wanting to find out more.
  16. iancity

    Photos - for the website or always take them anyway?

    Mainly associated with the "your ride today" thread, but I must admit, I find myself taking the camera out more and more, just to record the ride I have done for this website - I put them on strava as well but thats about it. Often think, ooh thats a good photo for cycle chat when I get home and...
  17. The Central Scrutinizer

    Strava Photos

    I always think posted strava rides always look nice when they are accompanied with photos. I have never taken any photos because i have read on some occasions it might freeze strava or actually turn it off. It would be nice to have some feedback on this as i would like to tag some photos with my...
  18. littlejojo

    Sunrise photos

    Sometimes you just have to stop and take it all in. Awesome morning in Sydney.
  19. B

    any shetland isles camping photos and also general ones please

    can you show me pics of the island chain and also any shots with tents please
  20. M

    Photos of you on and off the bike

    First my wife Gina. 56 years old Averaging 3,000 miles per year. 44 mile ride at 17.0 MPH average speed. At the top of an 8 mile climb with 2300 ft gain. Off the bike, grandma of 9! :biggrin: ....and tandem
  21. Rockn Robin

    Share Funny Cycling Photos

    Perhaps this cyclist is testing out the teams new training methods. He should do well in the sprints. HAHAHA!!
  22. PeteXXX

    Site not resizing photos

    New phone here, Xperia running Android. When trying to upload pics, I get this message. I though the forum software automatically resized it. Well, it did with my previous IPhone.
  23. Dec66

    I'm rubbish at taking photos

    So I'm inordinately proud of this one, which I took on my phone somewhere between Vedene and Saint-Saturnin-Les-Avignons a couple of weeks ago. Am I justified, or is it cack?
  24. postman

    What photos are on your mobile.

    Well due to Virgin sending a sim card yesterday,we had to save any information on sim and memory.So Mrs Postman downloaded my photos,here are a few.A couple of remarks,thank you Brae House for keeping Charlotte safe in her first year.Roy and Davie,Roy a brilliant night gaffer and Davie still...
  25. Dave7

    Google Earth........cant open photos now....why?

    As per title. When you try to click on/open photos there is a message to the effect that the option is no longer available. I thought it was a problem with my computer but have found forums discussing the "arrogance" of Google for doing this. I did enjoy using that facility to plan rides...
  26. Gary E

    Photos not showing up on Strava

    My Strava Profile page used to display 3 photos accross the top but now nothing is showing at all (apart from the round profile image that is). I've checked the settings and I've not done anything to turn them off. I very rarely upload any images to Strava so, when I do, I'd like them to show...
  27. Welsh wheels

    Downloading Pinterest photos

    I have seen a cycling photo on pinterest that I would like to use for my facebook cover photo. Does anyone know if downloading photos from pinterest for personal use is legal?
  28. Flick of the Elbow

    Random photos off the internet

    Love this classic image of Saronni from @casquetteurs Woolly jumper - check Crochet mitts - check Exposed cables - check Beautiful Italian Steel Frame - check
  29. Spinney

    Garden photos

    some beautiful shots here
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