I'm rubbish at taking photos


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No that is definately a fine picture of a purple hedgehog blending in with err! more purple hedgehogs.


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@rb58 is a bit of a David Bailey on the quiet :okay:

Who's he!

Nice photo BTW :okay:


With my critics hat on, that is not a bad photo. The ratio of purple to blue is appropriate for a purple field. The strip of bare earth is a bit of a spoiler, you could possibly have moved your point of view by a couple of inches a bit to conceal it behind more purple. Apart from that, a candidate for local newspaper photo of the day.
There's a 'rule' of one third/two thirds when it comes to skies and landscapes - in other words, the pic might look a little better with a touch more sky in it.

I'd have panned left or right a bit to decentralise the houses in the distance.
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