700c tyre size for the state of British roads.

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I currently run 23mm but with the knarled, broken and potholed state of the UK road network thinking 25mm or even 28mm is the way to go?


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never had a problem on the 23s on my roadbike. maybe its anticipation and observation.


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35's on the Tricross are most comfortable on our 'smooth' roads :thumbsup:
Can certainly feel the comfort after a few days on the 25 shod Secteur.


I've been using 23c and 25c depending on what's cheap/on-sale. And have noticed only a slight difference - even with the same make/model.
In my limited experience the largest influence on comfort is the flexibility of the tyre. So I guess this is down to the tpi of the casing and 'rubber'. Which may be why Vittoria Diamante's in 23c are more comfortable than Rubino Pro's in 25c.
Surprisingly, the Diamante (despite being a 'race' tyre) has had less punctures than the tough Rubino. And is better in the wet. The only issue is that they cost and wear down more.
So for the past 2 winters, I've been using the Diamante's.
edit: this is on the potholed, broken, gravel strewn and muddy/poop lanes of kent, surrey and sussex.


23c are fine. Even on bad ish roads. When i first started i thought about changing them. Now - no way!

My first winter coming ,lets see
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