a hundred quid for WHAT?


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I'll wait for the Shimano one thanks.


I use the appropriate bit of my Swiss Army ... far and above the best corkscrew I possess, it out-performs even a bespoke model I bought in France. And it doesn't pulverise the cork as you're drawing it out.
bonj said:
it's not as bad as a connex whipperman or whatever it's called chain for £280.
Go on, you know you want one!
Aperitif said:
Funny that - I was just going to post about this, as I too received my bumper bundle Parker International newsletter.
Has anyone bought a Park Tools pizza cutter perchance, or a wall clock? (Apart from bonj :blush: )
Bought my lad a Park Pizza cutter a few years ago. Aside from the handlebars falling off its been very reliable.
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