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Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Not much really to shout about by most peoples standards but...

I did my first ever ever ever non-stop 5000m last night! 30 mins.
I've never run this far in my life, I hate running but this stems from being put on a treadmill during cardio-rehab 2 years ago now and having to accompany my daughter to Athletics club every week (she's a complete whippet!).

Very very stiff this morning, but very chuffed. Just had to share my joy :blush:
Good on yer.

But a shame you're getting into 5K's at this time of the year : 5K's are a Summer thing, all the races now are 10K's as a minimum or Half's...

Big Bren

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Good for you.

I started running a bit more seriously a few months ago and did the BUPA Great Run in Sheffield as my first 'proper' 10k; I staggered over the line in exactly 53 minutes. Since then, I've been bitten by the PB bug and have been training pretty hard - I'm doing the Leeds Abbey Dash at the end of November and I'll be looking for a dramatic improvement.

Running is hateful and hard but bloody addictive!



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Running's fab, and as BB says, hugely addictive! Nice work FF, sensible plan to build up to 10k. I was going to do the Leeds Dash as well but have got other plans now unfortunately, it looks loads of fun!


Fab Foodie said:
Very very stiff this morning, but very chuffed.
I think most men feel the same every mornin. :biggrin:


I've run a few 10k's recently. I did the last one with essentially no training, only about 20miles in the preceeding few months.

I did intended to train, but I've had some sort of 'orrible cold that's been hanging around and I just didn't feel like doing much training. I still managed to do it in almost exactly an hour, which wasn't bad considering I wasn't even sure if I was going to actually turn up!
Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Big Bren said:
Good for you.

Running is hateful and hard but bloody addictive!

So true! Good run by the way!

Thing is I lumber/shuffle round the track on my own (my wife says I run like I've got a pole shoved up my arse), whilst others (adults and 8 year-old kids) fair spring around at a right old rate of knots doing all mkinds of fun stuff. I however need to travel gently with good cardio-efficiency to keep my HR down, but despite this frustrating lack of style and speed and my lifelong dislike of running, I have started to find it enjoyable...bloody painful always, but enjoyable.
I think there is a certain therapy in just mindlessly pootling round a track. If my daughter can't go for some reason I still turn up.
I reckon 10k is doable for next winter...damn, I'm becoming a runner :biggrin:
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