A picture of my skidmarks

is that a cock smear as opposed to a wormy arse smear?


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Kirstie said:
And here's my vag. That's Volkswagen Audi Garage.
Oh my, you appear to be able to fit a small family car into your Vag! :blush:
what's funnay about this thread is those people at work trying to search for innuendo items at work without setting off the browsing filters
Kirstie said:
psssst yeah i know that, i'm just going along with the joke for a laugh. note that this time i've not criticised the size of anyone else's....equipment :blush:[/whispering]
i know you know, i'm just having a josh! ;)

now, about the size of 'equipment', here's my woody: (poss NSFW)

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