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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by majorbloodnock, 10 Jul 2007.

  1. majorbloodnock

    majorbloodnock New Member

    Surrey Hills
    I'll put my hands up right now and say my history is with the WMB forum rather than C+, but I found this forum via a link Yenrod posted on the BikeDegrader site.

    I'm sure it'll come as no surprise that, in the same way a significant proportion of the C+ core membership decamped here, something similar happened at http://mountainbiking.freeforums.org with many WMBers.
    I was impressed by the generally welcoming attitude I saw from the ex-C+ers for the short time I was using the BR site, so thought I'd raise the suggestion that our two forums explore whether or not we can work together in the way Future should have done things. As I see it, both forums are about getting out on bikes, but this forum has a road emphasis whilst Mountain-biking UK has a predominantly offroad focus, so there should be enough differentiation to keep each others character whilst there being enough cross-over to benefit both sides.

    What do you reckon?
  2. I'd have thought it would be up to the owners of this forum.
    It's nice to say that we're buddies though.
  3. Blue

    Blue Legendary Member

    N Ireland
    I wish all mountain bikers shared your attitude, but they don't.

    I recently saw a thread on BR wherin a mountain biker was suggesting all roadies should be run off the road by drivers - no doubt as they drive their mountain bikes to the forests!
  4. alecstilleyedye

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Moderator

    i can't see a problem with friendly mtbers dropping into our café, as long as the courtesy is returned should we wander into your pub.

    i remember the hand of friendship being offered on biker*d*r major, nice to see you again :blush:
  5. OP

    majorbloodnock New Member

    Surrey Hills
    I agree, Blue, not all do. One of the reasons I liked the WMB forum so much was its conspicuous difference in attitude to so many web forums I've seen elsewhere - bike related and otherwise. It's also why I disliked the feel of the MBUK forum (and magazine), and was what I was concerned would have such a detrimental effect on a combined forum.

    However, what I can say is the Mountainbiking UK members are a good cross section of the old WMB site at its best, so like this site, it's a friendly place to be.

    However, we've got a Roadies section that, if I'm honest, I suspect won't get a huge amount of use, in the same way I suspect relatively low traffic from the Mountain Biking section here. It just struck me that two relatively closely linked independent sites each pandering to the needs of their respective audiences would be a good "together we stand, divided we fall" stance - especially as several among us are keen in both disciplines.

    @Alecstilleyedye, thanks for the welcome. You're certainly welcome over the "other side", and I'll happily stand you an e-beer :blush:

    @Kirstie, perhaps you're right. I hadn't realised this was already an established forum - ours was set up by one of the WMB regulars (Fozzybear) using Freeforums.org, so we can be incredibly socialist (small 's') and call it ours in every sense. However, I'd still have thought a forum belongs to its members, not to the owner of the hardware and software, as BikeDegrader are finding to their cost.
  6. BigAl

    BigAl New Member

    Another WMB exile popping in to say hello.

    So er... Hello :blush:

    As a cyclist rather than a roadie or MTBer I simply cannot understand the attitude to 'the other side' displayed by a small but significant number of roadies and MTBers.

    I must admit that I do spend more time on the MTB than the roadie - largely down to my concerns over traffic and the number of idiot drivers around but I enjoy both. Why wouldn't you?

    Oh and I can't believe what a total balls-up Bikedegrader is.
  7. halo

    halo New Member

    I spend more time on the mtb forum for some strange reason even though I actually ride my road bike alot more - but I can honestly say I found both the whatmtb and the C+ forums equally as welcoming, friendly ( mostly! ) and informative as I'm sure these new fledgling off-shoots of Bike Gaydar will be - here's to a long and harmonious relationship!
  8. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin The Marmalade Kid

    I post on mleh more than anywhere else which a MTB site. well i think it is, as everytime i mention the road i get grief, all good humoured, i think.

    I have no problem with MTBers and happily admit to being one, but i'm a cyclist first and foremost, and ride the road and the trail.

    I think one of the fundamental issues with Bike Radar is that is trying to be all things to all cyclists. Well that is never going to work, is it.

    hello btw :blush:
  9. Muddyfox

    Muddyfox Veteran

    Another WMB User Here

    I thought i'd pop in because someone mentioned you have nice cake :blush:

    I agree with Big Al ... i cant understand why there should be any conflict between different cycling disciplines ?

  10. Hi major. I'm not an MTBer in any sense (it's just not my thing) but I agree, I don't like the snobbery between the two different factions. Can I get you a coffee, or some cake?
  11. OP

    majorbloodnock New Member

    Surrey Hills
    Oooo, Ok. A mug of builders' tea and a slab of carrot cake'd go down a treat :blush:

    And agreed; snobbery in any walk of life is just a way of separating yourself from others rather than exploring common ground. Life's too short to build fences around yourself.
  12. Cab

    Cab New Member

    There is no rational reason why we shouldn't get on. So, welcome :blush:

    Glad you guys have got your own niche on the web, and happy to hear that we're welcome to come and say hi.
  13. unklehomer

    unklehomer New Member


    Another WMBer here... just wanted pop in and back up the vibe of this thread, we all seem to enjoy being on two wheels... and its groovy, sorry Blue got the W*^&er end of the mtb fraternity, i personally find the ones like that really embarrasing, and frankly road bikes go so fast they scare the begeezous out of me so i'm nothing but respect for all who ride 'em. (well possibly some gentle mockery cos of the lycra etc, but then i try and catch one up on my mtb and have to stop and be sick... and it goes back to respect)

    Two wheels Good, Four wheels bad!!!
  14. I wear lycra and freely acknowledge that it makes me look ridiculous. Especially when I'm driving my lorry. :blush:
  15. Yeah, I can picture it RT.

    I did an openwater swim last week, a try-out at a lake where I'm doing a Tri this weekend.
    Afterwards, I took off the wetsuit, couldn't be bothered to change out of my trisuit in a cold and rainy field, just to put a tracksuit on just to drive 5miles home to take it off again for a shower.
    So I drove home sitting on my towel, with the heater on, wearing a lycra trisuit.

    Just as well I didn't have an accident or breakdown or something - I'd have looked very stupid and probably frozen to death at the roadside...
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