A30 - Do NOT use it!

Discussion in 'Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG)' started by Brains, 3 Jul 2013.

  1. lejogger

    lejogger Über Member

    Touché ^_^
    It's a hard leg of the tour... incredibly lumpy, as you know. I was happy to get it out of the way and spend more time up in the rest of England and Scotland to be honest. I was also much fresher on day 2 than if I'd spent 8 hours in the saddle.
    Each to their own. It's not pleasant but it shouldn't be avoided at all costs. :okay:
  2. OP

    Brains Guru

    As the A30 subject has come up again, time to resurrect an old thread.
    Bottom line still remains, the A30 is not an option on LEJOG routing
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  3. bianchi1

    bianchi1 Veteran

    A good resurrection. When I did my JOGLE, I lasted about a mile on this road before feeling so unsafe I gave up, climbed up the verge and across a field to a lovely country road.

    The issue if I remember correctly is the complete lack of any hard shoulder.
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  4. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    You can be dead right. +1 for don't do it
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  5. burntoutbanger

    burntoutbanger Well-Known Member

    I drive this road weekly from Camborne to Exeter and up to a few years ago weekly from Penzance to Exeter.

    I wouldn't ride a bike on it. :sad:
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  6. keithmac

    keithmac Über Member

    I can see the appeal if Strava is you main concern.

    I wouldn't go anywhere near it on a bike (personal choice).

    When driving I give plenty of room when passing cycles but doing follow through the mirrors the cars behind don't always offer the same courtesy.

    It's the closing speed that's the biggest issue, you have to hope the vehicle has seen you in time and reacted to your presence. Sadly many don't have either the skill, observation or concentration to do so.

    You are putting your life in the hands of the hundred or so cars that are passing you, hoping every driver is skilled and switched on enough to perform a safe pass..
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  7. ChrisEyles

    ChrisEyles Veteran

    The A30 is horrendous!!! Even when I used to ride a small motorbike (a 125cc) I didn't feel very safe, let alone on a push bike!

    The *old* A30 on the other hand is really quite a nice route from Exeter to Okehampton, I ride it fairly often to visit friends.
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