ABC Towns and Villages

There's also Quebec in Co Durham
Wow, did not know that.
Who needs to fly over the Atlantic to see parts of Canada?!


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Going off topic a bit, how about "Your bike in a place that is mentioned in a song" ?Might be worth a thread, but it would be too much of a push to expect them to be in alphabetical order.


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Got my 'Q' today.

Wimped out a bit, going from home, Exeter, would have been a minimum of 165km round trip with around 1800m of climbing (flatter but longer routes were an option). Starting and finishing from Taunton (£12.50 train, half an hour each way) got it down to 94km with 603m of climbing, much more achievable. There was a brisk westerly wind, I didn't realise how brisk until the return leg. I'd routed through a fair amount of lanes though so got some protection from the hedgerows. The forecast light rain didn't materialise barring a decent shower just outside Taunton again on the return leg. Not usually one to take shelter but with a train to catch I did take ten minutes in a bus shelter while the worst of it passed. The route was very flat and I'd made good time so a couple of laps around the town centre took my distance over 100km which was a hoped for bonus.

The rest of the alphabet should be easy pickings, I even have a fairly local 'Z'.


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New York has the traditional village sign and this snazzy one. The letters are cut out and it took a few goes to get the light right so you can see them

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Intuitively I'd expect places with a big-sounding name to want to make something of it, and this looks like good evidence! All too often hamlets have nothing to identify them at all; it'll be good to improve the odds a bit.

The namesakes-themed A-Z is going to take a long time, and I don't intend to get too legalistic about precise matches. For example, anything called simply "Newcastle" is deemed to be a namesake of the Tyneside version. There's one of these near Monmouth, up a hill which I'd usually avoid. I know it's good for me. :okay:
46 mile round trip to visit Balderstone today. Very nice place indeed.

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The villages name is on the churchs name sign. Best I could do.
From memory, the sign is on the road that leads down from the A59, just opposite the Salmesbury sports and social club.

Balderstone is a lovely spot, definitely benefits from no through route to anywhere else


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Found it on Google Street View. It's a directional sign. No good according to Reivers rules. Ah well.
Practically all traces of the great man seem to have vanished. :sad: There are a few vestiges in the form of quoted text, but these are now unattributed, and the opening post in this thread, containing the initial rules and guidelines, is blank. This can't be what is supposed to happen, surely?

I think the reason for not allowing directional signs was that your photograph is meant to be in the village/town itself. A directional sign implies that at that moment, you weren't there, and you might never have been. In the absence of a boundary sign or a village green sign, a parish church name board is probably one of the best alternatives, as it's intrinsically bound with the place's identity.
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