accident number 2:(


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in devon
well only fell of my bike last week this time was even more spectactular than the last one, was cycling quite fast through the exe canal route and didnt see this gate and well went crash into it, luckily bike not damaged and their was a helpful guy from a lbs who put my chain back on and sorted my handle bars out for me. unfortuntly i was a bit hurt, got home okay but my left wrist was really playing up, could barely move it so trip to a&e as my pelvis was quite sore, they x-rayed it nothing broken just swollen and given some funny looking beige arm/wrist thing which will help keep it in place and be less sore. was a bit worried as ive got osteoperosis, think my concentration isn't good at the moment and well im just accident prone. having a few days rest and then will be back on my bike again. god feel so silly


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Glad you are not too badly hurt. Your not having much luck are you?


Glad there are no serious injuries.

Do buck up though, once happens to us all, twice in a week is a timely warning. Focus, concentrate on what's going on, it's a hazardous activity and you can't afford to get hurt.

Once again glad you are OK, take it steady when yiou get back on, focus on what's going on and everything will be OK.:biggrin:


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These things happen:blush: They do say that these sort of things come in 3's but lets hope that you prove them wrong. Hope your not in to much pain:sad: Get well soon;) SO need a helmet cam..we need to see these escapades on video!

Just kidding, hope you heal up soon

I'm sure if we all admit it we've done daft things. Two that stick in my mind are:

Having a head-on collision with another cyclist pulling a trailer - and 10 minutes freeing my front wheel from between the wheel of his trailer and the box side

Writing off a Peugeot 309 (I think) by hurtling nto the back of it and completely caving in the rear tailgate with my shoulder

Actually...I said two so I'll leave it there but I can think of many more daft "offs" that I've had...and I now I'm not alone in that

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I had a good one at the weekend. Did some bezzing about Sherwood Pines Forest. I think some of the tracks must get quite muddy when its wet and therefore there was quite a bit of sand laid on the tracks to make them a bit less muddy. Well, I went up one section a bit too slowly and although I was pedaling like mad, the back wheel was just spinning round in the sand. Had my clipless pedals on and therefore a nice, embarrassing, slow motion fall to my left took place.

Hope your ok Sarah and not in any way put off.


I don't think I've ever cycled into a gate, but I've had some equally daft offs. Trying to cross a wet cattle grid at an angle, for instance. My most embarrassing ever was nipping through a line of cones to get to the head of a queue of cars - I didn't see the string holding them all together, collected a dozen of them and came down in a heap. My, how we all laughed!

Then there is my first clipless moment, coming off outside a bustop queue of schoolkids when I tried to hop the kerb. Even 10 years later I can't pedal past the scene without my face going pink.

It's all part of learning to ride, sarah. The trick is to get these tumbles out of the way somewhere safe. A canal towpath is good.


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Dont let it put you off :tongue: Just nurse your wounds and get back out there, try to be a bit more alert and slow down a bit :smile:. Everyone falls off in a stupid looking occasion, I flipped the handlebars at 20mph in the middle of an open road because of a silly mistake, lesson learnt (dont carry a large leather suit bag while riding a bike - I wouldnt make a very good messenger!). :smile: I honestly dont know how I havent had a serious injury yet tbh with my crash record in the past 5 months, but it just reminds you that you arent made of glass!
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