Alan Wardle Sports Tours

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Never used them, but I have met Alan - he seemed a very nice chap. We rented a cottage from him - the one on his web-site actually - he calls it his cycle-centre, but it is just a large, very pleasant cottage. Had no idea he ran cycle-tours until we got there.

And I agree, the name is a little scary :tongue:

They seem a bit...disorganised in their organisation, shall we say.

I rang the website number (a mobile) to enquire about the trip I'm interested in, only to find I was talking to someone obviously driving, we managed a very short broken-up conversation before he was cut-off.

But turns-out the trip I was interested in hasn't had enough interest and they're not running it.

Kinda looks like it's run as a sideline business, not a big glossy holiday/tour company.

Which I guess could still mean it's a good trip : what matters is that the organisation and the leaders on the trip itself are good, not that there's a big expensive back-office.

And that the group dynamics work and the weather doesn't ruin it, of course !
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