Am I the only person in the country ...... ?

..... who doesn't give a sh!t that a Brit won the Tour de France?

The Tour de France

Cyclorama Blog July 23rd, 2012 by Mick Allan
Am I the only person in the UK who isn’t apopleptic with delight at the prospect of a British winner of the TdF. For the first time in the Tour’s 107yr history a Brit finished the race in The Yellow Jersey, it’s all over the front page of every newspaper in the land (including – unbelievably – The Daily Mail, that’s never, as far as I’m aware, had a single good word to say about cycling/cyclists).

And I don’t give a shoot.

It dawned on me over the weekend as people who know me – cyclists and non-cyclists alike – have been greeting me with big smiles and expressions of wow, isn’t it great? And I’m struggling to find the enthusiasm to crack a smile. I am, it cannot be denied, a miserable old curmudgeon. I have the kind of droopy middle-aged face skin which makes it look like I’m scowling even when I’m happy. But that aside, you’d imagine that, as a Cyclist this would make me happy. But it doesn’t make me happy.

The trouble is this: I was once in love with The Tour. I watched it every day – and the highlights on a rest day – and for twenty years I harboured an ambition to one day join the throngs lining one of the mountain stages. As someone who’d survived testicular cancer I watched Lance destroy his competition year after year from the edge of my seat. I was a fan.

Fignon, Hinault, Delgado, Lemond, Indurain, Millar, Pantani, et al. I was a devoted fan. I loved the heroism of it, and I loved the heroes. And then it all went to shoot. Year after year I watched as the drugs scandal after drug scandal slowly ruined my sport. It became harder and harder to feel any joy in it. I tried to stay true but, like anyone in a romantic relationship who is lied to, whose lover cheats on them and, however deep the feelings, eventually, slowly, inevitably….. I fell out of love.

In recent weeks it has been announced that the US Drug people haved banned Armstrong from competition and are bringing charges against him. That was the final straw.

So last week when Wiggo was doing well, and then when he looked certain to win, and even when it was inevitable – I simply couldn’t bring myself to watch it. In my heart it’s broken.

So well done Brad, great guy, worthy winner. But for me – it’s just too frickin late.

Mr Haematocrit

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I think it's great and it shows that with real investment in sports and the right people in place us Brits can not only compete with the best in the world, but become world class. A few years ago if someone suggested that an an Englishman would win TDF or that we would dominate the Triathlon world series they would be locked up.
Sky procycling got real investment and stated strong goals rather than hoped for the best. The team has worked exceptionally hard to get where it is and deserve credit for this. The Brits are now world class in cycling, children have really positive roll models such as Vicky P, Cav, Froome and Wiggo rather than recent trend to admire the likes of Katie Price and other media sluts.
They did it, they did it fair and they did it clean and they did it with style... This imho is worth celerbrating more than any false god, cheat, bully, no matter how many times they won a race..

England needed this result, cycling needed this result.


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I don't agree with you, but I do see where your emotions have taken you.

We have to forgive, to truly love. Love is not conditional, not bounded by rules or regulations. Love is not a causal relationship with reality. Love is not being a doormat, not having your emotions understood, but does allow mistakes to be made.

We fall in love and out of love in a romantic sense, but we choose to love, and choose not to love in a far deeper manner. Please put aside your past hates, and join us in a Big British Bradley Bicycle party.


What a miserable article.
You got the gist then?
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