An even-handed video in today's Guardian online

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Covered the main arguments briefly. Didn't mention the effect helmets may have on causing injury.


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If by "even handed" you mean "within the first minute makes sweeping generalisations and statements based on little or no evidence" then you'd be absolutely correct.
yes, it is a bit 'tabloid' in some of its statements... but at least it points out that cycling is about as safe/dangerous activity as walking, and suggests that helmets will be of more use for people inside motor vehicles.


Chris Boardman has the right idea. "If you want to wear a helmet, wear a helmet".
Thing is, though, we don't say that about other health and safety issues. We don't say "if you want to eat sugar, eat sugar" - we actively and strongly discourage people from doing something that the evidence shows is harmful. At the very least we tell people what the evidence is in the hope they will be swayed by it.

Sometimes we go too far and sometimes not far enough, but I like the principle that we are encouraging a society where decisions about risk are based on evidence.
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