Another bad cyclist with no concern for others

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Smokin Joe

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Was the dog on a lead and under control?

I'm a dog man myself, but so many dog owners let their pets run wild and they can be a dangerous nuisance. The story doesn't specify how this happened so I'd like to know the facts before condemning the rider.
It's just a dog :whistle:

My lord, I've just realised I know this guy. I would dearly love to see him put in the stocks, whilst people lob bricks at him. I'll refrain from naming and shaming.
Kate's chihuahua was off the lead on a cycling path, the cyclist ought to seek legal advice and sue you for libel.
There aren't any "cycling paths" in Regent's Park only one shared path.
Be considerate!

Pedestrians have priority over all other users of pathways, even in areas designated and marked for other purposes. You are asked to use these pathways considerately, especially when passing.
According to The Royal Parks, which manages Regent’s Park, cycling is allowed on the pathways on designated routes. Scrappy little dog needs finding and shooting.


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As far as I'm aware dogs aren't licensed, you don't have to stop after running one over no matter what your vehicle of choice is
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