Another ride, another mouthy van passenger


Not So Special One
North Yorkshire
Can’t seem to get sound on either phone or iPad?
I still have concerns on your lack of observation, 2 shoulder checks in the whole video, maybe I'm just less trusting
You get used to using your spidey senses after about 30 years, I’ll only shoulder check if they’re set off, or I have to deviate for pot holes or other riders, or before a turn, or junction / roundabout normally. This is why I never ride with headphones in. In this particular case, I could feel that the van was stupidly close, the check confirmed it.
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What camera is it?
A few seconds before the end you took a good assertive position for the island to prevent drivers squeezing past.
I use that route an awful lot, that particular island is an absolute nightmare, drivers will squeeze you if you don’t make it impossible.
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