anti-ageing cream

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you know the sort, nivea packaged in fancy looks tubs that cost an arm and a leg that are supposed to make your old wrinkly face as smooth as a newly born's bum.

but surely if they worked, then why don't the manufacturers get a few women (and/or men) to smear half the face in the stuff so after a month it should be obvious that whcih side is looking less old?

I can only assume it is a con since I have never come across a test like this. (not that I have looked that hard into it).
I use these creams.......I look about 12 years old!

mr Mag00

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i did read the small print on one of the huge glossy ad in a mag and it was carried out on about 65 people!

I use the Green people mens range and their post shave creme is really good actually if your looking for a recommendation.


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Have just started using the L'Oreal 24 hour moisturiser and she may be biased but my missus says she can see a difference.
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