Any Biggin Hill area commuters out there?


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Bexley, Kent
To where?

gary r

my sister used to live there,I remember a massive hill called Salt box hill (or seemed massive as a 13yr old) make sure you dont venture into new Addington (chav city) Its all quite hilly round there from what i can remember.


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LOL, yes, I've done Salt Box Hill, it's a beast. I originally thought that would be a good cycle route until I saw down into the dip there. I'll be travelling into the West End, btw.
Not to contradict gazzaputt, just a preference for hills (which you will encounter one way or the other) and greenery and a wariness of the motorized denizens of Bromley and Catford, but I would cut across country to West Wickham via Blackness Lane, Jackass Lane, Gates Green Road and Glebe Way and then on to Crystal Palace (via Anerley Hill, ahem), Dulwich, Camberwell etc. The only regular encounter with numpties I have is around the Elmers End roundabout which should be crawling if you're commuting at normal times.
Westerham Hill about 5 miles awayis a real shocker. Thereare somenice rides out into the South Downs. In Matt Seeton's book "Escape Astist" he goes on about some rides out that way
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