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I've been doing it all wrong -

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30 million French men know this




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Went for a walk past a farm with my new girlfriend and we saw dogs mating.
She said: "How does the male know when the female is ready for sex?"
I replied: "He can smell she is ready. That's how nature works."
We then walked past a sheep field and the ram was mating the ewe.
Again my girlfriend asked: "How does the ram knew when the ewe is ready for sex?"
I replied: "It's nature. He can smell she is ready."
We then went past another pasture and the bull was mating with the cow.
My girlfriend said: "This is odd. They are really going at it. Surely the bull can't smell when she is ready?"
I said: "Oh, yes; it's nature. All animals can smell when the female is ready for sex."
Anyway, after the walk, I dropped her at home and kissed her goodbye.
She said: "Take care and get yourself tested for Covid-19."
Surprised, "Why do you say that?" I asked her.
She replied: "You seem to have lost your sense of smell."


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Got sad news today. After 7 years of medical training, a good friend of mine has been struck off after 1 minor indiscretion.

He slept with 1 of his patients & now can no longer work in the job he loves.
What a waste of time, training & money. A genuinely nice guy, and a brilliant vet..
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