Any good jokes ... ?


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When my friend told me to put a potato in my Speedos to 'enhance' my profile on the beach, I wish he'd have told me to put it down the front.

betty swollocks

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A man loses both of his ears in an accident, and the surgeon tells him that there are no human transplant ears available, but they have a dog’s ear and a pig’s ear ready to he agrees to the operation. One month later he goes back for a check up, and the doc asks him how he is getting on?
"Well doctor, the dog ear is brilliant. I can hear for miles and nobody ever talks behind my back, but with the pig ear, I seem to be getting a lot of crackling.”


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My grandfather was killed by a Zulu.
He was in the toilet at Marwell and the cistern fell on his head...
Humour me and explain ^_^
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