Any Good Tyre Recommendations?


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Just bought some new wheels and need to get some tyres. 700c either 23 or 25's.
I tend to use Michelin Pro4's and Pro3's before that, but am open to suggestions based on weight, rolling speed, price, punture resistance etc. A few of my mates are using Conti GP4000s but they seem pretty costly compared to the permanent deals you get on Pro4's
I ride all year round on them but most of the commute is out in the country so not much urban, but still need a bit of puncture resistance.

Any good ideas?


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I am using Schwalbe ultremo DD evo's.
No punctures, no complaints; but they are not the cheapest.


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I'm a convert to Vittoria Rubinos. A perfectly adequate road tire tyre that costs under a tenner. BTW, if you want to pimp your ride (shudder) , they do ones with coloured side walls.
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I like the conti grandsport race . Nice and fast but not twitchy , pp seems ok .
I tried Schawalibuble ultremo zx but found them very twitchy and got a puncture within 30 seconds :angry: not had one since mind you .
Not a fan of conti gatorskins .
Specialized armadillos are best for pp I have found but not the best for performance . They are fine but I wouldn't put them on my good bike .
Hope that's of help :thumbsup:


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If the new Vredstein range is as good as the old tricomp fortzza's then they'll take some beating as a trade off tyre you're looking for. I used them as summer tyres because I have the bike handling skills of an oaf but I have a friend who uses them all year round without any problems. Ribble do them pretty cheap.



Mancunian in self imposed exile in leafy Cheshire
The Conti Gp4000s might cost less per mile than the Michelins , they last really well for a race tyre .
How many miles do you get out of a pair?


How many miles do you get out of a pair?

Just shy of 3000 miles on the rear( no punctures) which is about done and my front has did over 4000 miles (2 punctures , on the same day) and has life left in it ,compared to when I ran Ultremos ZX 23s,I am getting at least twice the distance on the GP4000s 25s , I am 15 stone and roads are mostly top dressed here so lighter rider on better roads should get a lot more .

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Depends what you want them for...if you want puncture proof then marathon plus, but make sure you have clearance. Anything else for any other reason is debatable, but I like the sound of some Rubino's for summer use...they is all colourful, likes :bravo:


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I can't remember the TPI* but I'm happy with Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres - though, for just in case ease of repairs, I prefer the folding tyres. They roll well, last pretty well and are less afraid of winter than I am.

* Just checked. 150
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