Any Macclesfield cyclists ?

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tempus fugit

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I'm mad keen on cycling and don't get out as often as I'd like to - partly cos of work ( 12 hr shifts ) and also cos my other cyclist mates are into off roading - I don't really want to join Macc wheelers cos they are probably too good for me !!! Anyone else in Macc in the same situation , and fancy forming a 'newbies breakaway' group ??


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You don't have to join the Wheelers to find out - just come along to a ride and see how it goes. See for details. Club runs generally start on Saturday at 1pm from the Fermain Club off Oxfrord Road. There are also slower runs on Sundays.


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Maybe, but on the club run there are cyclists of all abilities and people don't get left behind in the middle of nowhere (unless they want to be ! )


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come along, i was in probably the same position as you about this time last year and had the same worries.

the saturday club run is fine for most, but if you are unsure (as i was) there is a run on a sunday which is slower and has lots of café stops (the average age is well over 50 though). i did that for the first run then, realising i had more speed than i thought, started on the saturday ones.

much more fun than riding on your own, and the ambience is quite friendly and not at all cliquey.

my only regret is that i don't get to go on enough club runs :ohmy:


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Sorry to hijack Tempus, but thanks guys I might just do that.

I'm supposed to be in training for the Rourkies Cat and Fiddle run in October, which will be the first time Ive cycled with anyone else, let alone a group!
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