Anybody work for Evans?


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I left my job yesterday, and my jobhunt has come across a job at Evans within reasonable distance, and I just wondered what they were like to work for?

Did I read somewhere that they might be subject to a takeover recently?

Thanks in advance.
Yes, on the takeover offer, 2nd in recent years. Haven't worked for Evans but it is still a job with a pretty big organisation is what is a fast growing industry. And within a reasonable distance to you and you left your job yesterday. I would suggest apply with speed.
The size of the takeover prize is the supplier arrangements that Evans has accumulated over the years. Some are major and part of any takeover negotiations. Halford made an offer some years back but was thrown out because of their well known poor service affecting the supplier's brand and reputation.


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We got chatting with one of the lads in Evans, the other week and he reckons that it's the best company that he's ever worked for. He only looked to be about 23 but he seemed thrilled skinny to be working for them.
Apply, what do you have to lose.


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If Mike Ashley acquires Evans cycles, Working there probably won't be much fun, zero hours contracts are a favourite of his.
Nowadays not just Ashley to be fair. My sons experience of life on a zero hours contract is not so much different to mine on a set agreement. His boss employs a small enough team of people for them all to have pretty well full time hours if they want anyway as its administratively easier and management know they have a core team with knowledge and experience to crack on with minimal supervision rather than the cast of Ben Hur dropping in for a shift or two every few days and not getting the consistency of day in day out work & awareness going. Son's hours/days in do fluctuate occasionally but again, the manager gets to know who prefers or is good on the earlies/closes etc and plays the pieces accordingly.
If anything his problem is being asked to work too much, not too little - and there are fixed contract places that mandate overtime, he'd be no better off in that situation on a set hours contract + expectation to stay than he is now.
Oddly a lot of retail/bar type jobs that offer fixed contracts are for less than a 30-40 hour office week, so he could find himself worse off if he were tied to e.g. a 20 hour contract than zero hours and a local agreement that he'll get so many hours/shifts.
I know the downsides to zero hours is that he could find himself with nothing if local management so chose but they're managing a business and utilising his skills and experience to hit targets and run efficiently in their interests as much as his & not playing silly games with people because the contract says they can.

My local Sports Direct seems to have a consistent and capable staff cohort too.


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Good luck cube, where's the nearest Evans to you?
My son dropped out of college and worked for them for 2 years.
The bad side, he applied for a full time job, was offered it but his contact arrived as part-time, took a year to sort out. He had to work a saturday or sunday every single week and at least a couple of either early or late shifts. Only would get a couple of 9-5 shifts per week if he was lucky. Bank holidays are paid/treated as normal days. Bonus can be nearly impossible to get. Promised training but because he had prior experience and was fairly bright he got none at all. Continually late paid or cocked up his overtime payments. In London you are assigned to london, not a store, when a store in London was short he would just get sent to another store on short notice and no recompense for extra travel etc.
The good, our family kicked the arse out of his staff discount, well worth having ( parts at cost up to 1,000 quid per year or more if you race, 1 cost price bike per year, 2 if you have a good case ie you race ). If you have a decent brain and attitude you will get promoted quite quickly. The actual work environment was quite pleasant the 3 managers he had were all good people and he got on with nearly all his workmates and customers. ( apart from the stream of people wanting a superlight, superfast bike for 50p
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