Anyone cycled Mont Ventoux


No. but planning to this July - so will watch this thread with interest


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Yes, Alun (of this parish) and I did it about 3 years ago. I think it was in May, we had touring gear. The weather conditions were shocking and it was bloody hard. Coming down I couldn't go faster than 10mph in the fog, I was wearing everything I had (5 layers upper body, 2 lower, hat, gloves) and I had to stop and run about to get warm halfway down. So have fun, but proceed with caution.

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Tried it on our tandem in 2001 - failed . This was from Maulaucene in late June - jackets on at about the halfway point due to cold and the side winds. Have since learnt that this is the 'difficult' side and there are 'easier' routes :laugh:


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I'm slightly more apprehensive of descending... is the descent from the top ok?

We are going from Vaison, cycle to Malaucene then up Mont Ventoux - and from there to Sault. We do have the choice of going up one of the 3 routes (Sault/Bedoin or Malaucene) - but i do fancy challenging myself and doing the hardest of the routes. I guess it all depends on how I feel on the day - the heat/wind etc, not till June so I have a while to train!!
To answer your question - yes, a couple of times. A third (& original) attempt was abandoned at chalet reynard due to high wind.

The descent is amazing! Its part of the reason for climbing hills like these!

For more info, do a search for 'Mt Ventoux' here on CC and you will find numerous threads. The Bédoin route is considered the 'classic', the Malaucene route is considered just as easy/difficult and the Sault route is the easiest, it being longer but less steep.

Enjoy the ride in june.

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I preferred the Beduoin route to Malaucene, which also gives you the option of bailing out at Chalet Reynard and going straight to Sault.
The descent is fine as long as your brakes work. Take it slow and appreciate the views and what you've just achieved. By descending to Sault you won't be doing the steepest sections anyway after CR.


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No & jealous, good luck to you.

One day I hope to pack the family off somewhere for their hols so I can do some classic climbs and routes as much as my dodgy knees allow. Mrs isn't a cyclist really so I'll need enough £££ to persuade her to go somewhere nice without me.


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The descent is the least of your worries, it's a joy. Bear in mind that if it's wet you may well want a new set of brake pads. Possibly 2, so check they have plenty of material on them before starting and carry spares. Both Alun and I needed new back blocks on arrival in Sault. Of course if you're one of those champagne cyclists who has disc brakes, you can breeze down at 35mph scrubbing off the speed with one finger on the lever as you approach each bend.

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I'll be riding up Mont Ventoux in September, as part of a one week cycling tour. :smile: I'll also be watching any Mont Ventoux threads with interest.


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Did it last year on a windless sunny day. Still bloomin' cold at the top and on the way down. It's not steep like steep is here in the uk, what it is, is long.
Don't cycle head down all the way up and down, take it a bit slower and enjoy the views, the views over Provence are superb. There are so many cyclist riding up (and down) there that seem to be head down all the way, battering themselves. OK if you live nearby and can do it again, but if you aren't likely to be doing it again any time soon, take it all in and enjoy it. I rode it with two others who where a good half an hour quicker than me, I don't think they stopped at Simpsons memorial or looked up from the road all the way up.


Its a great climb, but one to treat with respect. The weather can be variable and brutal, heat cold wind etc. above all else its long and unrelenting, 22 km of uphill, all 8%+ after first 5km on the Bedoin route and the Mauceline route is similar.

Bedoin is the "classic" route up, I'd be wary of descending that way though as it's very busy, with cyclists and support vehicles. The descent to sault is quiet and very picturesque - through lavender fields at one point.
If your tour can take in gorge de nesque, on route from sault back to bedoin, then do it - again jaw dropping scenery.
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